Maisa gets emotional when talking about meeting Selena Gomez: ‘Just remembering it makes me nervous’ | Pop & Art

“I’m going to fulfill a dream”. This is how Maisa began to share with fans the day she met singer Selena Gomez, of whom she is a fan.

The presenter was at the launch of a line of lipsticks by Selena, in California, USA, this Wednesday (29).

Maisa shared some videos of the moment on her social networks. And, in Instagram Stories, the presenter did not hold back tears when remembering the meeting.

“Just thinking about it, I get nervous. I held it back a lot. There was a time I thought I was going to piss myself out of nerves. When I get nervous, I feel like peeing, or crying or laughing. And then I was holding back emotion. It feels like I’m dreaming,” said Maisa, who was called “Mamá” by the singer.

Maisa also said that she did not share the news with fans before because she used the “philosophy of ‘quiet wins'”, because she wanted everything to work out.

In another video, Maisa also told a little about the meeting. “I already met her, she talked to us, that’s all. And soon I’ll post more details about this meeting. But right now, I can’t elaborate too much. The event is wonderful and we’re living in the moment.”

Maisa and Selena Gomez — Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

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