Marcelo Gallardo is not the same anymore? Understand the discussion in Argentina

River Plate was massacred by Vélez Sarsfield yesterday (29) in Liniers in the opening of the round of 16.

Yes, “massacre” and “1-0 win” don’t always mean the same thing. One of the most frequent discussions in Argentina is about the functioning of the team, and not merely the score.

When someone argues the result as absolute truth, the Argentine response is sharp, especially among Buenos Aires. “Any baby holding a cell phone knows that”, is the provocation that engages the analysis on the functioning of the teams.

And the functioning of this River was the most worrying in recent years. The team just didn’t work.

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Franco Armani saves in River v Velez

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since 2017

In the interview after losing to Vélez, Marcelo Gallardo was sincere in recognizing that River simply disappeared: “I don’t remember another series in which we started so badly”.

Porteño radio stations such as Miter and La Red, and TV stations such as ESPN and TyC Sports, have put together a fact that is difficult to disagree with: since the 2017 semifinal against Lanús, River has not been so beaten and beaten by an Argentine rival. Vélez came in to crush River in every tackle and proposed a fight that made Núñez’s giant cringe.

The only high point wearing red and white was goalkeeper Franco Armani.

He and Agustín Rossi proved that River and Boca are too well served at the post. Vélez could have gone easy with a 3-0 or even a 4-0. The goals missed by the opponent and the brilliance of their archer allowed River to survive in this playoff that ends next Wednesday, at Monumental

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Marcelo Gallardo greets Lucas Pratto in Vélez x River

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And Gallardo?

A very common analysis in Buenos Aires is the following: the best commentator on River is the face of Marcelo Gallardo, because his face hides nothing.

And yesterday he showed confusion and discouragement unheard of in his eight years as River’s coach.

Gallardo’s own performance raised criticism. Starting with the very basic game proposal, exposing himself too much in the defense and not offering risks in the attack, until the meekness in the face of Vélez’s harshness. “Cacique” was better than “Napoleão”. Vélez imposed their aggressive game at the limit, especially with the youngsters at the base. River didn’t know what to do.

Such lack of answers was also shown in the alterations. Instead of improving, River plummeted in the second half, escaping a rout.

It was 45 minutes even worse than Mineirão’s last year against Atlético-MG (which won 3-0, the difference we mentioned).

Juanfer Quintero came off the bench and was lost on the field, and the same happened with Aliendro and Beltrán, new arrivals. Both trained very little and went straight to the pitch. Total mess.

Of course, no fan will raise their voices and question Gallardo and his colossal work with River. Nor is it good to take a bad night with hysteria that can still be reassembled.

Gallardo has already decided to leave River at the end of the year. It remains to be seen if the Libertadores final will be next week.

“Everything that ends, ends badly”, sings rocker Andrés Calamaro, one of Argentina’s best known, in the hit “perfect crimes“.

The Argentine Thursday warns huge chances that the fate of the historic River de Gallardo in Libertadores will really be this.

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