Mayor of Rio Announces Urbanization Project on Access Street for the CTs of Fluminense and Vasco | football

The mayor of Rio, Eduardo Paes, was present at CT Carlos Castilho, this Thursday, to officially announce the beginning of the urbanization works on Avenida Arroio Fundo, the street that gives access to the training centers of Fluminense and Vasco, in the West Zone of the city. . In addition to him, the Secretary of Infrastructure, Jessick Trairi, and President Mário Bittencourt were also present.

– It is an urbanization that will also serve the region around the CT, the community that is around here. And so that we can have a more dignified access for our athletes, journalists. And especially for our day to day work. Rainy days here we have a lot of complications. Anyway, it is a very important day for us to know that in eight, nine months from now we will have our access street urbanized. And this will help us in many other things too, with this urbanization we will be able to have the occupancy to be able to function, make our industrial kitchen, start building the hotel part of our CT, our rooms… urbanization of access – declared Mário Bittencourt.

Urbanization project for Avenida Arroio Fundo — Photo: Thiago Lima

In recent days, the city government opened a bidding process, already published in the Official Gazette of the Municipality, in the amount of R$ 4,881,790.70. The deadline for the execution of the works is 240 days, that is, approximately eight months.

The entry of CT Carlos Castilho, from Fluminense, will change. In recent years, the club has been using Rua Oscar Alfredo Sebastião Cox, which has no asphalt. As it is a dirt road, access was hampered on rainy days.

Eduardo Paes at CT do Fluminense — Photo: Thiago Lima/ge

The works will also be infrastructure. The CT Carlos Castilho, which currently works with an energy generator and water truck, will be directly connected to the energy, water and sewage networks. With the beginning of the works, the idea of ​​Fluminense is also to remove the full occupancy from the CT and, later, look for companies that can carry out the works of the center.

– There is no deadline for this, obviously, because the part directly linked to football works today in a complete way. We are finishing the construction of the wall, which Fluminense himself is doing. Later on, we will have to start the construction of the six-story building, which is still unfinished, and we will have to do the rooms and the administrative part. And up front, having the possibility for the players to concentrate here, to train in two periods, having their meals here. But it’s one step at a time. We’ve taken long steps since we arrived – said the president.

Bidding for works on Avenida Arroio Fundo in the Official Gazette of Rio — Photo: Reproduction

Mayor Eduardo Paes highlighted the importance of clubs for Rio de Janeiro and pointed out the need to have a dignified and structured space for athletes. Paes believes that, if the works are started in August, the access will be concluded in the first quarter of next year. “We’ll be here celebrating Vasco’s return to the First Division and we’ll be able to get here even on skateboards and skates”, he joked.

– In my other term, I had ceded the land for Fluminense to do the CT, when I left it wasn’t ready yet. So, I came here on the campaign to see the training center. And the president put this to me: “Eduardo, if you win the election, it’s important.” And clubs play a key role for Rio, regardless of our passions and preferences. Fluminense, like Vasco, Flamengo and Botafogo, plays an important role in this Rio de Janeiro brand. So, giving the conditions, this is the basis of an organized club, adequately preparing its athletes. Having a structured training center with minimally decent access – said Paes.

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