Musk internet advantages and disadvantages

Owned by SpaceX, starlink is the company responsible for the transmission of Internet by satellite. Currently, the company serves 32 countries, but, to achieve its goal, it already has in its plans the launch of more than 30 thousand satellites in orbit.

When compared to other satellite services, the service offered by Starlink is known as one of the fastest Internets available today. However, despite the hypeto better prepare if you are thinking of hiring the service, you must also be aware of the disadvantages. To learn more, check out the full article!

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The downsides of Starlink

Most of its disadvantages are linked to the limitations faced by any satellite internet provider. However, there are some other disadvantages related to the fact that this is still a new company in the market, as well as the service itself. So this applies to when that matter is produced, but it can change over time.

One of the first complaints found is in relation to the lack of network coverage. Despite being available in most parts of the United States, there are still some areas where this Internet is inaccessible due to lack of capacity.

To add to this factor, there is the issue of the unavailability of the service, which will not yet be available in some nearby countries, such as Canada, for a few more years. In places like Scandinavia, all of Asia and the Middle East, and South America, on the other hand, it can take even longer.

Another problem found in relation to Starlink is that its terminals and routers must be self-installed. That is, for customers who do not have experience with this type of project, it can be something dangerous, since the installation needs to be done on the roof.

Furthermore, despite still being proven to be one of the fastest internet providers in the world, Starlink internet still cannot compete with cable internet. Satellite Internet does stand out for providing wide ranges of coverage, but its speed ends up being sacrificed.

What is the Starlink company

Starlink belongs to SpaceX, a well-known aerospace company that spent three years launching more than a thousand satellites into orbit. The idea is that these satellites can connect people to broadband internet at high speeds, even in remote access locations.

Until recently, despite being an internet network considered ideal for areas of the globe where connectivity has been a challenge, Starlink was only available in areas of the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and a few other areas, situated between 45 and 53 degrees north latitude.

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