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The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (nato) announced, this Wednesday (29), the refoundation of the military alliance, led by the United States, which would be courtesy of the War in Ukraine. At the time, she raised the China as a threat potential, in addition to preparing for a period of expansion against Russia, from US actions and the entry of Sweden and Finland.

NATO’s new Strategic Concept directs the group to fight moscow with military deterrence. The Russians want to “establish spheres of influence and direct control through coercion, subversion, aggression and annexation”, says the text, which echoes the preludes to a Third World War. The information is from the newspaper. Folha de S. Paulo.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky asked more weapons to NATO members, gathered in Madrid, Spain. Meanwhile, Russia’s leader Vladimir Putin told the Russian agency interfax that the military alliance has “imperial ambitions”, but again stated that the response to the accession of Sweden and Finland will be proportional to the type of military infrastructure installed in the countries. Both have already said that they do not want the organization’s bases in their own territory.

On the occasion, the Russian president also reiterated that the purpose of the invasion of Ukraine is to “liberate Donbass and have security guarantees”, and that his forces “advance”.

“Moscow’s military build-up, including the Baltic, Black and Mediterranean Sea regions, in addition to its military integration with Belarus, challenges our security and interests,” says the NATO Concept, which points to threats from use of nuclear weapons carried out by Putin and the “innovative and disruptive” development of weapons with dual capabilities, atomic and conventional, as hypersonic missiles.

Increase in the military budget

As against the war advances from Moscow, 9 of the 30 members of the organization must apply 2% of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in the military area or more this year, and by 2024 the number of countries is expected to increase to 19. “We face a sea change,” said NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg. The goal will be “the floor, not the ceiling” of military spending. Meanwhile, the US leads the convoy, separating 3.57% of GDP for military spending, the largest in the world.

This awakening of the military alliance is led by the US. For the first time post-Cold Warthe country will have headquarters of the Army in Eastern Europe, located in Poland.

“Putin has destroyed the peace in Europe. The US and its allies are mobilizing, proving that NATO is more needed now than ever,” US President Joe Biden said.

One of the reasons that led to the Russian invasion of Ukraine was prevent the nation’s accession to NATOfrozen since an invitation made to her in 2008 and renewed, without much conviction, in the Concept.

The military reinforcement will include two more destroyers based in Spain – there are currently four –, two new squadrons with F-35 fighters in the United Kingdom, non-permanent brigades in the Baltic States and Romania and additional air defense for Germany and Italy. will be the greater displacement of forces Americans in Europe since the Cold War period.

Today, there are 100,000 Washington soldiers on the old continent. In all, NATO plans to increase from 40,000 to 300 thousand the fast reaction effectiveness.

China named as a threat

In exchange for the compromise, Biden was able to have the main strategic concern served by the new Concept: the China. The document, while not calling the Asian country an adversary, says it is necessary to be ready to face “coercive tactics and efforts to divide the alliance” by Beijing.

“The post-Cold War expansions not only failed to make Europe safer, but also sowed the seeds of conflict. [na Ucrânia]. We cannot allow this kind of turmoil and conflict that is affecting parts of the world to take place in Asia-Pacific,” Chinese UN Representative Zhang Jun said on Tuesday night in response to NATO advances.

More relevant and even more symbolic than the elevation of the status of a potential threat to China was the presence of representatives of the Australia, New Zealand, Japan and South Korea as guests of the summit, which ends this Thursday (30).

Since the beginning of the War in Ukraine, the West has been drawing the parallel between the Russian invasion and what may happen with Taiwan, although the situations are incomparable from a historical point of view – the United Nations (UN) itself recognizes the Chinese demand about Taipei.

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