Neve Campbell and the Actors Who Left Productions for Salary Reason

The fifth Panicreleased earlier this year, was such a critical and box office success that the producers wasted no time in quickly triggering a sixth film – currently in the shooting stages for a 2023 release. With a budget of $24 million, panic 5 grossed over $140 million worldwide, making it one of the highest-grossing films of 2022. Fans couldn’t be more excited, and the announcement of Courteney Cox and Neve Campbell came at a gallop. What came at a gallop was also the protagonist’s departure Neve Campbell due to differences in the actress’s cache. Like this Scarlett Johansson and your little problem with Black Widow at Disney Plus, Campbell decided to make public his salary barrier in the new film.

The delicate situation inspired us to create this new article, which looks to the past showing that the situation of Neve Campbell is nothing new in Hollywood. Of course, things get worse when we talk about actresses with much lower pay offers than men. Check out below who are the most famous Hollywood stars to drop a big production because they thought they deserved more.

We start with her who inspired the list. It is reported that Neve Campbell received $1.5 million the first time he played Sidney back in 1996, in the first Panic. Since then, his fee has increased with each turn, from $3.5 million in the second, to $4 million in the third, and then to $5 million in the fourth and fifth films. The aim of the fifth film was to introduce a new range of characters, such as the sisters played by Melissa Barrera and Jenna Ortega, and leave the veterans as supporting actors. Campbell may have a minor role in the fifth film, but he appears enough to live up to his salary. We don’t know exactly how big her role in the sixth would be, but the producers reduced the actress’ pay to $750,000. In this way, the star of the franchise decided to stay out.

[RUMOR] Neve Campbell Renegotiates With Paramount To Appear In ‘Scream 6 & 7’

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One of the most notorious recent cases was the one involving the Oscar-nominated actor. Terrence Howard and Marvel. The actor was in the early days of the MCU, acting alongside Robert Downey Jr. in the first Iron Man in 2008. Howard lived the right hand of the protagonist, Colonel James Rhodes, who would eventually become the hero War Machine – as he says in a scene of the film looking at the armor: “next time”. Turns out there was no next time for Howard. The issue is that at the time of the release of Iron ManHoward came from an Oscar nomination, and Downey was at a low ebb due to problems with the law, and the film was his gateway to stardom again. So, interestingly, the protagonist received “only” US$500,000 for the first film, while his supporting partner, coming from several successes, had a much more inflated salary, between US$3.5 and US$4.5 million. When the time came to take out the continuation of the paper in Iron man 2Downey’s salary increased and Howard watched ships, being unceremoniously replaced by Don Cheadlewhich remains on paper to this day.

It’s a good thing this case didn’t reach its final consequences. When Tobey Maguire was chosen as the first Peter Parker interpreter on the big screen in Spider man, everyone thought his lineup was perfect. In fact, the actor performed an excellent job in the blockbuster. But in addition to his acting, the hero’s film put a lot of physical demands on the actor as well, and he constantly complained of back pain. So when it was time to sign for the sequel, maguire decided to renegotiate its $4 million payday for the first film, to something close to what the production company Laura Ziskin had received about $30 million. Sony, for its part, was tough in the negotiation, and came very close to firing Maguire from the role, and hiring Jake Gyllenhaal as the protagonist of spiderman 2 (2004). Have you thought? In the end, Maguire was left with a salary of $17 million on the second film.

The world of Hollywood has always been about money, fame and glamour. And not even the greatest movie spy was quiet about it. Sean Connery he had already made five films in the role of James Bond, when he began to really pressure the producers of EON Pictures for a salary that he considered fairer. After all, the movies 007 they were a real phenomenon, the real blockbusters of the time. In his fifth film, With 007 You Only Live Twice (1967), the actor was paid $750,000. So Connery took the plunge and threatened to leave the franchise if he didn’t get the amount he wanted. The producers paid to see the actor’s bluff, which was no bluff, and Connery actually dropped the role, leaving the door open for the “disastrous” episode with the then-model. George LazenbyIn Her Majesty’s Secret Service (1969). Desperate producers chased Connery for the seventh film, and paid $1.25 million to have him return in Diamonds are Eternal (1971).

O Silence of the innocents (1991) remains to this day very dear and considered one of the best thriller films of all time – Definitely Top 5. And a large part of the film’s success is due to the brilliant performance of Jodie Foster in the lead role, as rookie FBI agent Clarice Starling. The actress was 29 years old when she played the character and was already an Oscar winner – having been honored with the win two years earlier, in 1989 by accused. Thus, expectations were high regarding her performance, and she was again not only nominated, but also emerged victorious in the best actress category in a very short time. The producers saw a chance to get the sequel to the Thomas Harrisentitled Hannibal (2001). Everything seemed to be in place and Foster was excited to return to the role of Clarice. The first film cost $19 million and grossed nearly $300 million worldwide. So, Jodie Foster thought it would be fair to ask for a salary of $25 million for his return. But the producers were only willing to pay $15 million. The actress jumped out and claimed displeasure with the script. The team then hired Julianne Moore to replace it.

the star Bruce Willis recently announced retirement from cinema due to an illness that begins to affect his memory to memorize texts. The actor, however, was never considered an easy professional to work with, having created friction with some directors (Michael Bay and Kevin Smith), in addition to having to be hastily replaced in a film of Woody Allen (Café Society2016) by Steve Carell. The bullshit that we will address here was with the then colleague Sylvester Stallone in the franchise The Expendables. A joke with the action movies of the 80s, the first movie brought Bruce Willis and Arnold Schwarzenegger in small spikes in a scene. The 2012 sequel saw the duo in bigger roles, as well as a cameo from the legendary Chuck Norris. The protagonists, however, always being stallone (the franchise owner) and Jason Statham. When it came time to step up the roles of veterans Arnold and Willis even further for the third film (from 2014), the star of Hard to kill demanded $1 million more than the $3 million the production was offering him. And that’s for just four days of work. Willis was set on earning $1 million a day and didn’t reconsider. So Stallone fired him, hired him Harrison Ford to fill his spot, and even posted his famous snipe on Twitter: “Willis out, Harrison Ford in! Great news. Lazy and greedy, a sure recipe for career failure.”

This one, I’m sure went unnoticed throughout the childhood of many people, and it was only in adulthood that many could realize that Crispin Glover was not in the sequels of the classic Back to the future. Glover, of course, played George McFly, the father of protagonist Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox). The boy accidentally goes back in time and needs to make his mother fall in love with his father so that he and his brothers can be born and not disappear from existence. George has an important role in the original 1985 film, as he initially appears dressed up to look like he’s old enough to be the father of George. J. Fox – the actors are about the same age in real life. It’s only when the film “goes back in time” that Glover shows off his true appearance and comes to prominence as an extremely introverted guy. The film was a sensation, was a huge success and still holds a special place in the heart of every fan. Four years later the sequels were released, but Glover demanded a higher salary realizing his importance in the plot. When the actor and Universal failed to reach an agreement, George’s participation was severely modified, and Glover was fired. In the second film, it’s a stunt double replacing him with a lot of makeup in one scene (in which he’s upside down – to make the replacement’s “non-recognition” even more difficult). And in the alternate reality of 1985, George is dead. In the third film, the couple of old west ancestors this time is formed by the very J. Fox and actress Lea Thompson.

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