Neymar in Flamengo? PSG star’s monthly salary would be higher than the entire red-black starting team

The news that Paris Saint-Germain is open to receiving proposals for Neymar has excited Flamengo fans for an (almost) impossible dream. After all, since the exit door is open for the shirt number 10 of the Brazilian team, why not think of him playing at the club? However, the accounts are difficult. Even more, considering that his monthly salary (about R$ 18 million) in France is equivalent to more than the entire first team of the rubro-negro.

It is estimated that Flamengo’s highest salary currently belongs to striker Gabriel Barbosa, in the region of R$ 1.6 million per month. Besides him, only David Luiz, Bruno Henrique, Everton Cebolinha and Arrascaeta earn above the millionaire house in the red and black. In mathematics, it is enough to say that Neymar receives more than all the holders, even doing “financial engineering”.

At the moment, there are several athletes from the base gaining space between holders, new signings and medallions staying on the bench. But even if all the highest salaries were reallocated to the 11th incumbent, the value would not reach R$14 million. That if all the holders won around R$ 1 million – which is not the case.

What are Flamengo’s highest salaries?

  • Gabriel Barbosa: BRL 1.6 million
  • Everton Cebolinha: BRL 1.5 million
  • David Luiz: BRL 1.5 million
  • Arrascaeta: BRL 1.2 million
  • Bruno Henrique: BRL 1.1 million
  • Everton Ribeiro: BRL 900 thousand

In 2016, Neymar and Flamengo exchanged affection, but an effective negotiation never took place. At the time, the ace sent a kiss to the red-black crowd, and the club, through its official Twitter account, returned the kiss.

Neymar was affectionate in his dealings with Flamengo, he treated the club as “one of the biggest in Brazil and in the world” but did not fuel speculation.

– It’s not true, it didn’t come out of him (from the father, the supposed statement). But it would be a great honor to play for one of the biggest clubs in Brazil and the world. Red-black nation, a kiss, but nothing is certain yet – said Neymar.

Who has the stakes for Neymar?

To get an idea of ​​the difficulty that it would be for a Brazilian club to hire Neymar, the monthly amount received by the ace at PSG exceeds all the clubs that play in Serie A of the Brazilian Championship. Including the millionaires Flamengo, Palmeiras and Atlético-MG.

In 2021, Flamengo released a football management report that included the gross cost of the squad’s payroll, estimated at R$199.1 million per year (R$16.6 million monthly). The numbers have increased for 2022, but they show how Neymar’s salary today would be out of the country’s reality.

Palmeiras does not officially reveal the value of its salary sheet, but according to the ge, the club spends approximately R$ 15 million per month just with players and the coaching staff, without considering other professionals in the football department. Corinthians also operates within this value.

According to Uol, between departures and arrivals, Atlético-MG’s monthly payroll was reduced by R$ 2 million for this year. Currently, it is around R$ 13 million.

Largest salary sheets in Brazil

  • Flamengo: BRL 16.6 million
  • Palmeiras: BRL 15 million
  • Corinthians: BRL 15 million
  • Atlético-MG: BRL 13.3 million

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