Nubank releases investments in fixed rate CDBs

Nubank recently announced a new investment option, the prefixed CDB. Check out the details of the novelty and how to take advantage.

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Seeking to increasingly expand fixed income investment options within the app, Nubank recently announced fixed-rate CDBs. Until then, the fintech only offered floating-rate CDBs, made available to investors in October last year. Both options yield more than savings.

For now, this new investment option is in the test phase, so it has only been released to a group of customers. But the promise is that, little by little, this option will be made available to more people.

How does Nubank’s prefixed CDB work?

The prefixed CDB is one of the types of remuneration of the Bank Deposit Certificate. It is characterized by having its income already defined at the time of application. Therefore, the investor knows exactly how much he will receive on the maturity date of the security, being considered a low risk investment.

Basically, they work like a loan, but in this case, you are the one who lends money to the bank in exchange for interest, and Nubank’s new investment works the same way. In addition, according to the fintech, from R$ 100 onwards, the client will be able to opt for the new fixed income modality.

The redemption period ranges from 3 to 36 months. Therefore, these investments are indicated for medium to long-term investment strategies.

How to invest in Nubank’s prefixed CDB?

By accessing the Nubank application in the investment area, you will be able to see the CDB options available at the moment. The area will be separated into prefixed and post-fixed – remembering that, as it is in the testing phase, the new option may not be available yet.

Anyone who has an investor account at Nubank or NuInvest can invest in CDBs. However, before that, a profile analysis is carried out so that the fintech makes the investment session available to the client.

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