Resort taken from black family in the US is returned almost a century later

Anthony Bruce smiling, near microphones and surrounded by crowds of people clapping

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‘This is a day we weren’t sure would come,’ said Anthony Bruce, Willa and Charles’ great-great-grandson.

A beachfront resort confiscated nearly 100 years ago from its black owners was returned to their descendants after a decision by authorities in Los Angeles, United States, on Tuesday (28/6).

Bruce’s Beach resort land was purchased in 1912 by Willa and Charles Bruce to create a lodging and recreation area for blacks at a time of normalized racial segregation in Southern California. Located in the targeted city of Manhattan Beach, the area was forcibly taken over by the local council in 1924.

The couple bought the two lots for $1,225 in 1912. The site is now worth around $20 million.

Willa told a reporter at the time, “Anytime we try to buy land for a beach resort, we’re turned down. But I own this land and I’m going to keep it.”

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