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In the current season, Universidad Católica has played as home team 16 times and has taken advantage of 57.8% (8V, 2E, 5D). In 11 games as a visitor, the use drops to 21.2% (2V, 1E, 8D).

Of the 26 games played so far this season, the Chilean team has only failed to concede a goal in four (they have conceded goals in 84.6% of the time). In 2021, it was not much different. The starting goalkeeper, Sebastián Pérez, was leaked in 32 of 37 opportunities (86.5% of the time).

At home, Católica have an average of goals per match of 1.40 in favor and 1.07 against. Outside, the average is 1.18 in favor and 2.18 against. In the six matches played in the Libertadores group stage, Universidad Católica entered the field with teams with an average height of 1.79m and 29.3 years of age.

The only three players who have played in every game in the Libertadores are experienced: goalkeeper Pérez (31 years old), defender who also plays as left-back Alfonso Parot (32 years old) and forward Fernando Zampedri (34 years old).

The best known name of the Chilean team is now Isla, a 34-year-old former Flamengo side. He debuted with two assists against Unión San Felipe, in Chile’s second division.

Another well-known name is Fuenzalida, a 37-year-old player who started as a starter in five of six Libertadores matches. The midfielder has already spent time at Boca Juniors and was champion of the Copa América in 2015 and in 2016 for Chile.

06/04 – Talleres 1×0 Universidad Católica

Universidad Católica had more possession of the ball at the Argentines’ home, but between the 20th and 30th minutes of the first half they suffered three shots, all from the defensive left side: one ball landed on the crossbar, another on the crossbar and another on the nets.

During the first half, most of the passes exchanged by Católica took place behind midfield. The team usually attacks a lot with Alfonso Parot on the left, and in the game Lucas Melano was the most advanced on the same side. In the second half, he even managed to get a little further ahead, but he couldn’t convert that into good opportunities. In the first game, he finished only six times on goal.

04/12 – Catholic University 2×1 Sporting Cristal

Against the most limited team in the group, Católica won with suffering. In the first half, Sporting Cristal arrived more often, but Universidad Católica managed to open the scoring in stoppage time, with a great goal from outside the area after a hit from the opposing defense to the middle.

If in the first half Sporting Cristal arrived more, in the other half of the match it was no different. Universidad Católica suffered with plays from above and below and conceded a goal after a corner kick. The turning point came from a penalty at the end of the match, after a corner kick and an opponent’s hand touch.

28/04 – Catholic University 2×3 Flamengo

Flamengo took the lead in the seventh minute, on the left side of the attack, with Bruno Henrique and Gabigol’s conclusion (defensive right side). At 15 minutes, the equalizing goal of Católica came after a beautiful exchange of passes by the side in which the goal was conceded. The ball was left for Zampedri to fix in the chest and finish face to face. Gabigol put Flamengo ahead after a move by Bruno Henrique on the same side in the 34th minute.

In the second half, both teams wasted many opportunities, both attacking more from the left side. At the end of the match, Flamengo increased the score, and in stoppage time, Católica discounted a move originated after a cross coming from the only side on which the Chilean team could attack – until the recent arrival of the former Flamengo full-back.

04/05 – Sporting Cristal 1×1 Universidad Católica

Sporting Cristal took the lead at the end of the first half after a cross from the left side (defensive right of Universidad Católica). Behind the score, Católica sought the game more and tied in the same way: attacking from the left side with a cross and two headers inside the area in the 32nd minute. In the end, the home team had the best opportunity to win, but the defense blocked some shots.

05/17 – Flamengo 3×0 Universidad Católica

One-team game, and this can be seen by Católica’s passing maps in both game halves. The team was exchanging passes far back, far from Hugo’s goal.

Flamengo opened the scoring with a header, with Willian Arão, six minutes into the game, after a corner kick. In the 38th minute, another goal from Flamengo that came from an aerial ball. Católica’s best chances came from individual failures by Flamengo players. Pedro still extended the score at the end of the second half.

05/24 – Catholic University 0x1 Talleres

Needing to score to secure third place to play in the South American Round of 16, Católica got more of the ball, but couldn’t convert the dominance into good opportunities. He conceded a goal in the 15th minute of the second half from outside the area after fighting over aerial balls in front of his goal.

As Flamengo beat Sporting Cristal, Católica ended up moving on to play the South American with four points, the lowest score of the teams that qualified third to play the knockout.

After being eliminated in Libertadores, Universidad Católica beat Antofagasta in the 15th round of the Chilean Championship by 1-0. He stayed 20 days without playing and played two games in the last two weekends, against Unión San Felipe, from the second Chilean Cup. They qualified for the round of 16 with two wins, 3-1 (away) and 3-0 (at home).

The team has defensive and offensive limitations, especially on the right side, which has now been reinforced by Isla. Of the 11 games played away from home, it was leaked in all of them.

* Bruno Imaizumi is a partner economist on the Espião Estatístico team, which is made up of: Felipe Tavares, Guilherme Maniaudet, Guilherme Marçal, João Guerra, Leandro Silva, Roberto Maleson and Valmir Storti.

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