Texas Tragedy: Trucks and Other Dangerous Methods Used by Migrants to Enter the US

  • Darío Brooks
  • BBC News World

Border guard stops migrants in dumpster

Credit, Getty Images

At the US-Mexico border, each immigrant has a price for smugglers.

Those with the fewest resources are the ones who take the riskiest trip, boarding cargo trucks to travel hundreds of kilometers in inhumane conditions.

Tragically, on some occasions, this type of travel — several hours in a crowded place with no ventilation or water — leads to death, as happened on Monday (6/27) near San Antonio, Texas, where more than 50 migrants died inside a truck.

“There is a whole chain in the economy of smuggling of immigrants. People who travel this way [em caminhões] are the ones paying the lowest amount asked by smugglers,” explains Gabriella Sánchez, a researcher on people smuggling across borders at the University of Massachusetts in Lowell, USA.

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