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Important alert about a new scam, using a ‘chain’ in the messaging app, which circulates through WhatsApp.

As detailed by the website ‘La Tercera’, the message asks for a verification code that, if given to the scammers, allows them to clone the messaging app’s account.

The fraud in question ensures that a group is being renewed: “Hello, good afternoon, I’m xx. We are renewing the WhatsApp group XXX Are you already participating?”.

However, the message may also vary with other information.

The new scam circulates through the WhatsApp app and continues to make victims

After receiving this message and agreeing to participate in the alleged group update, a text message (SMS) will arrive on the victim’s cell phone.

According to the scam, the message would only be to confirm the user’s participation, however, it is another stage of the fraud.

The message is confirmation that you are registering your number as a business account (if requested by the scammer).

“Your WhatsApp Business account is being registered on a new device. Do not share the code”.

When handing over the digits, access to messages and contacts is lost.

Also according to the information, as a main recommendation, is that a verification code should never be given to another person.

Another important action is to enable two-step verification in the WhatsApp messaging app.

This is WhatsApp’s new security feature to prevent your account from being hacked

The app is also working on a new feature that adds an extra layer of security, which will be released soon.

The platform works on this feature to protect users who can naively share the 6-digit code, which allows many scams.

When the first attempt to login to a WhatsApp account is successful, another 6-digit code is needed to complete the process: in this case, another message is sent to the owner of the phone number to alert him of a login attempt on your account.

That way, people will know through WhatsApp that someone is trying to log into their account and won’t share the second verification code to complete the process. However, it is still not entirely clear how the novelty will work and when it will be released.

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