THE OC | Relive the 2000s hit, ”A Stranger in Heaven” Nerdtrip

“California, here we come”... if you were part of the youth team in the 2000s, you certainly hummed this song that started the chapters of “The OC, a stranger in paradise. The series, set in a very beachy atmosphere that combines drama and comedy, portrays the daily life of a group of teenagers and their families who live in Newport Beach.

At first sight, Orange Country it is a dream! Paradise for the wealthy California, there are many secrets behind the walls of their sumptuous mansions. when the outsider Ryan Atwood arrives in the Shire, he discovers that not everything is as it seems, taking away the peace and unraveling the mysteries of the privileged families of the place.

Seth and Ryan

Ryan is a troubled boy, who, after being arrested for participating in a car theft, is taken in by Sandy Cohenan idealistic public defender even over protests from his wife, Kristin. Sethson of the couple Cohen, become the best friend of Ryan. In the other core of the series we have Marissa and your best friend, summer. Marissaa rich and troubled girl, becomes the target of the crush of Ryan.

Heen of the series

Ryan Atwood (Ben Mackenzie), Marissa Cooper (Misha Barton),Seth Cohen (Adam Brody), Summer Roberts (Rachel Billson), Julie Cooper (Melinda Clarke) Sandy Cohen (Peter Gallagher), Kristen Cohen (Kelly Rowan).

The main couple of “The OC”

Ryan and Marissa form the main couple and in the four seasons that lasted the series, the public could follow the ups and downs of the duo, as well as the difficult relationship between the spoiled Marissa and his mother, Julie Cooper. The various dramas experienced by teenagers in Newport Beach shows that money does not always bring happiness and sometimes ends up bringing more problems.

the romance between Ryan and Marissa had a half plot Shekespeariansince the mother of Marissa did not approve of the relationship and the couple faced many obstacles to stay together.

Ryan and Marissa

Social questions

The OC it also addressed social issues such as drug use, violence, suicide, family. The series started out aimed at a more teen audience but began to attract the interest of the general public with the entry of more adult characters.

The protagonists’ romance was the flagship of the series, and it had a great fan base, but another couple also won the public’s affection: Seth and Summer. After several disagreements, the two finally start their relationship. Not without some drama, of course!

Seth and Summer

With internal problems, including the bad temper of Misha Bartoninterpreter of Marissa, The OC ended at the end of the fourth season. After the death of the protagonist, which left fans of the series dissatisfied, the audience suffered a sudden drop, which interfered with the high cost of the series.

Undoubtedly, it is wonderful to remember the most successful series of the 2000s. So, if you also love these productions, don’t forget to keep an eye out here on the site.

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