Vasco loses game, invincibility and benefits leader Cruzeiro in Serie B

Vasco loses game and unbeaten record in the interior of São Paulo and helps Cruzeiro
photo: Daniel Ramalho/Vasco

Vasco loses game and unbeaten record in the interior of São Paulo and helps Cruzeiro

Vasco saw its unbeaten streak in Serie B end this Wednesday. Cruzmaltinos lost 2-0 to Novorizontino, in Novo Horizonte. With the result, the Cariocas continue with 30 points, in the runner-up. The paulistas, on the other hand, were 20th and are at the top of the classification.

Vasco had a bad performance in the first half and saw Novorizontino open the scoring with Johnny Douglas. In the final stage, the hosts expanded with Douglas Baggio.

In the next round, Vasco will host Sport, this Sunday, at Maracan. Novorizontino enters the field the day before, against Nutico, in Aflitos.


Novorizontino tried to take an offensive stance in the first minutes. However, the hosts produced little in the attack. With that, Vasco balanced the confrontation and started to dominate, but without taking danger.

The first good chance came only in the 24th minute. After a free-kick in the area, the ball hit Yuri and forced Thiago Rodrigues to make a defense over the line. Vasco’s answer came next, in a kick from Gabriel Pec. However, in the 31st minute, Novorizontino opened the scoring. After taking a corner, the ball was deflected and Johnny Douglas sent it to the net.

The revs made Vasco nervous. So much so that the Cruzmaltinos barely managed to get to the attack. The São Paulo team took the opportunity to press in the final minutes. Ronaldo and Douglas Baggio forced Thiago Rodrigues to make great saves to prevent a more elastic score at half-time.

In the second half, Novorizontino followed better and almost extended it after two minutes. After taking a free-kick in the area, Walber headed it for a good save by Thiago Rodrigues. Then, in a new foul, the defense saved the Cruzmaltinos.

The owners of the house continued to bother. So much so that Diego Torres forced Thiago Rodrigues to make another good save. But in the 14th minute, Novorizontino extended the score, with Douglas Baggio. The attacker received a pass in the area, dominated and kicked into the net.

Vasco had the chance to decrease in the 19th minute. Gabriel Pec made a good move and played for Andrey Santos. It’s just that the steering wheel finished badly, on the baseline. The move encouraged the Cruzmaltinos, who returned to scare with Erick.

However, Vasco’s situation got bad after 30 minutes. Anderson Conceio fouled Diego Torres and received the red card because he was the last man. From there, Novorizontino regained control of the game. The hosts were able to waste more chances to score. Vasco produced little and had to suffer their first defeat in Serie B.



Lucas Frigeri; Danielzinho, Walber, Rodolfo and Paulinho (Reverson); Jhonny Douglas (Lo Baiano), Gustavo Bochecha (Willian Lepo) and Diego Torres; Ronald (Clo Silva), Douglas Baggio and Ronaldo (Quirino)

technician: Rafael Guanaes


Thiago Rodrigues, Weverton (Danilo Boza), Quintero, Anderson Conceio and Edimar (Matheus Boarbosa); Yuri Lara (Juninho), Andrey Santos, Nen (Erick) and Palacios; Gabriel Pec (Raniel) and Figueiredo

technician: Maurcio Souza

Place: Jorge de Biasi Stadium, in Novo Horizonte (SP)

Date: Wednesday, June 29, 2022

referee: Ramon Abatti Abel (SC)

Assistants: Kleber Lucio Gil (SC-Fifa) and der Alexandre (SC)

VAR: Pablo Ramon Gonalves Pinheiro (RN)

Yellow cards: Ronaldo and Johnny Douglas (Novorizontino); Quintero, Nen and Andrey Santos (Vasco)

red card: Anderson Conceio (Vasco)

GOALS: Johnny Douglas, at 31min of Q1; Douglas Baggio, at 4min of the 2nd quarter

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