Video shows the moment a waiter is executed inside a train car in Rio | Rio de Janeiro

Security camera footage shows the moment when waiter Jairo Jonathan Pedrosa, 24, is executed inside a Santa Cruz branch train on Monday (27). Then other passengers get up and rush out of the car.

This Thursday (30), the Justice decreed the temporary arrest of Hugo César Azevedo, suspected of the murder.

External camera shows killer boarding – Photo: Reproduction

Hugo was taken by agents of Bangu Presente, taken to the 34th DP (Bangu) and then taken by the PM to the Homicide Police Station, which investigates the case. Deputy Luiz Otávio Franco asked for the suspect’s arrest, which was ordered by Judge Isabel Teresa Pinto Coelho Diniz on duty.

Hugo’s lawyer, Ester Moreira, claims that her client went to the police after fearing for his life, as he would have received threats from the drug trade.

Cameras were obstructed in the train car – Photo: Reproduction

The lawyer also says that the man did not confess to the crime and that he and his ex-wife were being persecuted by the victim. Ester instructed the client to only speak in court.

Before committing the crime, the man who shot Jairo covered one of the train’s security cameras with blue tape. The police seized from Hugo a backpack with clothes and a roll of blue duct tape.

Clothes and the blue tape, used to cover one of the train’s cameras, seized with Hugo, arrested for Jairo’s execution — Photo: Reproduction

Jairo’s body was buried this Wednesday at Jardim da Saudade cemetery, in Paciência, in the West Zone.

The waiter and former paratrooper was shot in the head on Monday afternoon (27), on a Santa Cruz branch train at Magalhães Bastos station. The case is investigated as an execution.

Hugo César Azevedo turned himself in — Photo: Reproduction

The Homicide Police Department investigates whether the murder of Jairo Jonathan was a crime of passion. He would have been threatened for allegedly getting involved with a married woman.

According to police, the suspect wore a mask and cap, and covered the wagon cameras with tape. Witnesses said he fired the shot and got off at the station just before the doors closed – information confirmed by footage from other cameras.

The body of 24-year-old Jairo Jonathan Pedrosa, killed on a train, will be laid to rest on Thursday (30). — Photo: Reproduction

Another suspect is investigated for stealing Jairo’s backpack after he was killed. Images show the moment when the man takes the bag.

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