Will Instagram show who visited your profile? Understand

In recent days, rumors that Instagram would display your profile’s visit history have taken over the internet. That’s because a supposed print in English showing how the feature would work had repercussions on social networks.

In the photo, a user receives a notification with the message “so and so visited your profile”. Check out the image in question below:


The function, which already existed in the late Orkut and which is currently available on LinkedIn, is a nightmare for some users — the famous internet stalkers. The alleged new function of the social network worried users:

Will Instagram show who visited your profile? No!

Despite the collective scare, the news that the social network will show who visited your profile it’s fake. It is even possible to notice that the font used in the phrase “visited your profile” is different from the one originally used by the social network in “liked your story”. Therefore, the image is just a montage.

So far, Meta has not officially positioned itself on the matter. TecMundo contacted the company in search of information on the matter, but did not receive a response until publication.

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