With three new courses, UFPI offers more than 2,300 places at SISU

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06/29/2022 14:06

THE Federal University of Piauí published this Tuesday (28/06) the public notice Nº 14/2022in selection for admission to the Institution’s undergraduate courses through the Unified Selection System (SISU) 2nd semesterto fill in 2,318 places in 53 courses on the campuses of Teresina, Picos, Floriano and Bom Jesus. The highlight is offer of three new courses: Technology in Agroecology (20 places), face-to-face, at Colégio Técnico de Teresina (CTT); and the degrees Technology in Renewable Energies (75 vacancies) and Technology in Data Management (75 vacancies), offered by the Open and Distance Education Center (CEAD).

Candidates have until Friday, July 1st, to register on the SISU website or on the Single Portal for Access to Higher Education., both maintained by the Ministry of Education (MEC). The result of the Regular Call will be announced on July 6 at the Single Access Portal.

 With three new courses, UFPI offers more than 2,300 places at SISU 2022.2 - Photo: Ascom With three new courses, UFPI offers more than 2,300 places at SISU 2022.2 – Photo: Ascom

Of the total vacancies offered, 50% (fifty percent) of the total vacancies will be destined for wide competition; and 50% (fifty percent) of the total number of vacancies for affirmative action policies (quotas).

Institutional enrollment steps start first for quota candidates

Delivery of documentation for quota validity – For students selected for vacancies in the quota system (Affirmative Actions – AA, except AA3), proof of socioeconomic status and/or proof of disability through the online submission of documents according to the deadlines and procedures that will be published by through a specific public notice until July 7, 2022. The candidate who intends to fill the vacancy provided to the person with a disability, according to Law No. 13.409/2016, must undergo evaluations to prove the disability and/or disorder.

Black, brown or indigenous candidates will also go through a hetero-identification stage which consists of an analysis to be carried out by the Ethnic-Racial Self-Declaration Validation Commission to prove the condition required by the quota. The public notice clarifies all the necessary requirements for the heteroidentification procedure to take place properly.

Delivery of basic institutional registration documentation – After completing the quota stage, comes the stage of submitting the basic documentation for institutional registration, which must be done by quota candidates who have the documentation approved, quota candidates without the need to prove income (AA3) and by candidates with broad competition. To make their institutional registration, the classified candidate must access the website www.ufpi.br/matriculagraduacao and submit documentation corresponding to the type of vacancy applied for.

Check the notice No. 14/2022 of SISU 2022.2.

Waiting list – Unoccupied vacancies in the Regular Call will be filled with calls from the Waiting List. The procedures for calling the waiting list will be published through a Public Notice on the UFPI website (www.ufpi.br/sisu-cspe), on the first business day after the deadline for expressing interest to be included in the SiSU waiting list. UFPI usually publishes three calls on the Waiting List.

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