Woman discovers cheating by catching messages on her boyfriend’s smartwatch

A woman discovered that she was being cheated on by her boyfriend after accessing her partner’s smart watch, which is connected to her cell phone. She shared the story on TikTok, saying she found numerous messages from the man flirting with others.

In the video, posted earlier this month, tiktoker details that some of the boy’s conversations, recorded on smartwatchwere with call girls.

In one of the messages, the boyfriend asks a lover when she was available for a date and what the payment amount was.

In another, he speaks affectionately with an alleged lover. “There is my girl, you are so beautiful. I’m going to bed, good night”, shows one of the messages displayed by the woman.

The drama gained solidarity messages on the social network. “That was me 12 years ago, unfortunately. And God blessed me with someone better later, praying for your face, woman! It’s very sad to see this happen,” wrote a follower in the post’s comments.

“This is more common than you think. I was oblivious to these situations too, until I’m not anymore. If their friends do it, he does it too”, advised another.

“Feel blessed to have caught this now and not later, you could have wasted even more time with him,” added a third, even though other comments still tried to defend her boyfriend, stating that the messages were not enough for her. prove infidelity.

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