Women are more likely to develop long-term Covid, study finds

posted on 06/30/2022 13:43

(credit: Minervino Júnior/CB/DAPress)

A study published by Nature Communications on Tuesday (28/6) revealed the main risk factors for the development of long covid. Women, people between 50 and 60 years old, obesity and asthma were the main conditions identified in the survey, carried out through electronic health records, with 6,907 individuals in the United Kingdom.

The Nature research finding that women are more likely to develop symptoms of the disease at 4 to 12 weeks supports the recent study. Neuropsychological manifestations of long covid in hospitalized and non-hospitalized Brazilian patientscoordinated by neuroscientist Lúcia Willadino Braga, president of the Sarah Kubitschek Hospital, located in the Federal District.

According to Nature Communications, there was no strong evidence of risk factors associated with diabetes, hypertension or high cholesterol. However, asthma, overweight and psychiatric conditions increase the chances of the so-called long covid.

“Our data suggest that revisions of diagnostic criteria in primary care may be appropriate, particularly for demographic groups that have less contact with health services. Although causal inferences cannot be drawn from these data, our findings warrant further investigation into the role of difference in health care. sex, age-related change and/or immunity, and respiratory health in the development of long-term covid,” the researchers note.

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