Monthly Archives: June 2022

Learn how to add your WhatsApp link on Instagram

To compete with successful competitor TikTok, the Instagram needed to develop different solutions. Not long ago, adding links to the story was difficult and restricted to some people in the ”Drag Up” feature. Now that has changed, facilitating the dissemination of various materials and contacts. See too: Did your cell …

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6 app options worth keeping on mobile

The cell phone is not just a device made to generate entertainment. There are several useful tools that can greatly facilitate and improve your day to day. If you were looking for an app worth installing, check out a list of 6 good options. See too: New digital CNH releases …

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Russia returns bodies of 210 Ukrainian fighters to Kiev

Ukraine tries to exchange Russian prisoners for its soldiers, but Kremlin officials want some to be tried Russia returned to Ukraine on Tuesday (7.Jun.2022) the bodies of 210 Ukrainian fighters. According to authorities in the invaded country, most of the bodies are those of soldiers who were at the Azovstal …

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