14 temporarily free apps and games for Android this Friday (1st)

The traditional list of free apps and games for Android arrived this Friday (1st). The selection of the Canaltech brings the best opportunities for you to increase your cell phone without spending anything.

Today’s list features 14 temporarily free apps: two useful programs, games of various genres and icon packs to decorate your home. Apps can be paid again soon, so it’s good to hurry to download everything before the offer runs out.

To add the program to your Google account, just tap the “Install” button. This will make the software your property, which will allow you to download it on any logged in device and as many times as you like — you can erase and reinstall it again. In parentheses is the original price you would pay if it weren’t free.



icon pack

  • Orgi ($3.99) – Four-color icon pack;

  • Kaorin ($10.99) – square old newspaper style icons;

  • Souron (R$5.99) – Round icons with different colors from the original ones;

  • Snow – Zooper & KWGT (R$12.03) – Minimalist icons;

  • Color gloss ($10.99) – “glass” icons with multicolored lights.

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