Botafogo commits only six fouls in defeat to América-MG: ‘Team doesn’t kill the game’, highlights commentator

Commentator Carlos Eduardo Lino highlighted the very low number of fouls committed by the Botafogo in the 3-0 defeat by América-MG this Thursday, in Belo Horizonte, in the first duel for the round of 16 of the Copa do Brasil. Glorioso committed only six fouls (one in the first half and five in the second), against Coelho’s 16.

– Botafogo made six fouls. Botafogo doesn’t kill the game. It’s a mistake, I don’t make it a virtue, the Brazilian coach guides the team too much to kill the play, he knows that the tactical foul gives time to organize. The Brazilian coach plays with that. Possibly Botafogo does not have this orientation. Six fouls in the whole game is a European thing – highlighted Lino, during SporTV’s “Exchange of Passes”.

The commentator classified the alvinegra defeat at the Independência Arena as “disastrous” and says that Botafogo escaped suffering a worse result for the second game, scheduled for the 14th, at Nilton Santos Stadium.

– The feeling was that Botafogo had not entered the field, or that they entered to play a game that was not going to happen, to defend themselves and make time pass. América-MG started trampling, around 20 minutes is when Botafogo starts to leave, without consistency, despite having put two balls on the post. You know when you enter the field rooting for the game to end? The feeling seems to be this… – Lino said, ending his analysis:

– Botafogo was closer to taking the fourth than to reducing it. It could even have tried to avoid this gigantic disaster that is a 3-0 away from home, but it didn’t give that security. He was scoring poorly on the sides of the field, poorly positioned with the defenders, Gatito was not on his night… Everything went wrong for Botafogo.

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