Gerson asks Gatito to ‘leave more of the goal’ and complains about Botafogo’s scheme: ‘Stop with that crap of three defenders’

Historic midfielder of Brazilian football and idol of the Botafogo, Gerson was outraged by the 3-0 defeat of Alvinegra America-MGin the round of 16 of the Brazil’s Cup. On his YouTube channel, the former player made harsh criticisms, especially of the defensive sector.

– América-MG dominated the game, Botafogo had nothing. I was looking for Botafogo’s midfield. First I looked for the defenders. It was playing with three defenders, but that radius of playing with three defenders without training properly doesn’t work. On paper it looks great, in training very well, it beats the reserves 5-0. But what happens in the game? The sides go, a defender opens, the other opens and stays in the middle, which is the carliwhich has no speed, sometimes the Kanu. They took Pedrinho and put it open, the side Daniel Borges went away, the Philipe Sampaio opens from the right side. This Pedrinho lay down and rolled over. What happens? There was no time for the side to arrive or for the cover to leave. Where’s the midfield? Wellington Paulista made Carli hell, crashed, elbowed him. It was a tit to play. And the worst, crossing, defense sleeping. Also everything almost old, old sleeps a lot. Crossed ball, the guy goes in headfirst, another dominates in the chest – complained Gerson.

– Stop that crap with three defenders, if you don’t train very well. Who takes the place of whom, who covers? Otherwise the opponent takes over. He takes this crap, leaves two full-backs, two defenders and the head of the area. To close properly,” he added.

The former player also pointed out Kitty Fernández.

– Kitten has to get out of the goal. He’s scoring a goal inside the small area, he has to come out, he comes out on top of the guys, but he has to come out. Because the defense doesn’t head anything, everything is sleeping. I even said that there’s an old man sleeping there, with a coat and all. It wasn’t a worked deal, it was two crosses and a goal. There’s no way to resist – he added.

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