Gkay worked at São João da Thay and has given a star show

Those who followed Gkay’s passage on social media at “São João da Thay”, an event promoted by Thaynara OG on Tuesday (28), saw the influencer and comedian giving a show of sympathy, charity and good humor. However, it was enough to turn off the cameras for Géssica Kayane to raise suspicions about the same good intentions.

After the publication of this column, Gkay sought the report and denied all the information. The comedian and influencer claims that she did not pay for a hotel and had no problems with Globo’s costume designers.

Despite this, this column splash, who was at the event, found that the influencer has assumed a “bigger star” status, and Thaynara OG’s June party was marked as just another episode. She made demands for the production that go beyond the hostess’s own perks.

Meanwhile, on social media, she praised the event’s proposal and made a series of thanks to Thaynara OG, saying that she was received at “São João da Thay” when “she was nobody”, but she already had her 300 thousand followers.

Gkay even asked a producer to stay in a more luxurious hotel than Thaynara was staying, facing the sea.

Without having her requests fulfilled, the comedian chose to bear some of her own travel expenses, as an event organizer told this column. She stayed in a hotel with a bathtub in the room and made a point of even making a tour in space boasting the comfort conquered.

Gkay also chose not to mix too much – except with her closest friends, such as Influencer Álvaro, and the trendy Juliette – and avoided something she says she always likes a lot: “farofar” with influencers.

She still missed the welcome dinner, which took place on Monday night (27) and, the next day, in São Luís, Maranhão, she did not attend the “Feijoada da Thay”. Detail: the festive lunch took place at the same hotel where the comedian was staying, just go down to the common area; but not. While the TikTok dances went wild, she posted many videos lying in bed.

Those who work behind the scenes are already used to seeing two Gkay: “ON” and “OFF”. One that proves to be what fans want to see, and another that doesn’t seem to be coping well with the fame it has acquired.

Backstage TV Horror

In addition to the episode on São João, Gkay has also been working behind the scenes of TV shows. Recently, for example, she made costumers from “Altas Horas” (Globo) desperate by rejecting everything that was presented. Similar situations also happened in “Domingão com Huck”.

There are demands after demands. Gkay became the terror behind the scenes. But just turn on the cameras and everything changes.

*The column traveled to the event at the invitation of the organization

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