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It is possible to view a story on Instagram anonymously with the help of a number of apps. One of the options is Blindstory, available for Android and iPhone (iOS). In the free version, the app allows you to view up to 15 posts in 12 hours, while in the Premium version there is no limit to the number of views. In both cases, Blindstory only works with public profiles, regardless of whether the user follows the person or not. In addition, the app also has a feature to download photos and videos from other people’s Stories. Next, learn how to see a story on Instagram and not be seen.

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Blindstory app allows you to see a story on Instagram and not be seen; know how to use — Photo: Getty Images

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How to view Instagram story anonymously

Step 1. Download Blindstory from Google Play Store or App Store. When opening the app, tap the “Login with Instagram” button, enter your credentials on the social network and press “Login”;

Login to Instagram through the app to view stories anonymously on Blindstory — Photo: Reproduction/Raquel Freire

Step 2. Blindstory will show the users you follow and, next to the names, the number of stories available for viewing will be indicated. If you want to see the story anonymously online from a profile you don’t follow, type the person’s name in the “search” field. By tapping on the profile, Blindstory will display the information that the owner of the story will not be able to know that you have seen the post. Tap “OK”;

Instagram profiles with the number of stories available displayed in the Blindstory app — Photo: Reproduction/Raquel Freire

Step 3. The screen for displaying stories in Blindstory has the same way of navigating on Instagram. If you want to download content posted by other people, tap the download icon in the lower right corner and give the app permission to access your phone’s storage;

Download a story seen anonymously with the Blindstory app — Photo: Reproduction/Raquel Freire

Step 4. Blindstory will display a success message to let you know that the photo or video has been saved to the device. When you have reached the limit of 15 views, the app will block anonymous visits and show the paid plans, as well as the time until the free view is released again.

Blindstory limits views to 15 stories every 12 hours — Photo: Reproduction/Raquel Freire

Ready. Now you know how to see a story and not be seen.

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