International spotlight: Boy missing for eight days is found alive in sewer

An eight-year-old boy, identified as Joe, had been missing for eight days in Oldenburg, Germany. The child was found alive in a city sewer on Saturday (25).

The story began on June 17, when the boy disappeared from his family’s garden. The case generated a major police operation that lasted more than a week.

Joe was not found until eight days later, when a passerby heard a noise coming from a manhole cover and called the fire department. As soon as the corporation arrived at the scene, the boy was rescued and taken to a hospital. He had hypothermia but had no serious injuries.

The place where the boy was found is just 300 meters from his residence.

So far, authorities have ruled out the possibility of kidnapping. According to police, Joe would have dragged himself to the scene and then couldn’t get out of there.

The father of the missing man told local media that his son “is fine under the circumstances”.

Source: BBC Brazil

8-year-old child contracts STD after being raped by uncle in RS

A man was arrested on a charge of rape of a vulnerable person. The victim is his 8-year-old niece. The arrest was carried out under the command of delegate Luciana Bertoletti, from the Esteio police station, in the metropolitan region of Porto Alegre, after the pretrial detention was granted by the municipal court. The crime took place in May of that year.

According to the investigation, the child’s mother became suspicious when she noticed red marks on her daughter’s body and, when taking her to the doctor, confirmed that it was a sexually transmitted disease (STD), which the girl contracted because of her uncle’s rape.

The delegate highlighted that all measures were taken to institute the investigation in a careful way, in view of the complexity and delicacy that such a fact requires.

Source: Poa24horas

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