Lady Di’s birthday: remember the iconic looks

If she were alive, Diana Spencer would be 61 this Friday (1st). The princess, who died as a result of a car accident on August 31, 1997, continues to make history even more than two decades after her death.

Proof of this are the tributes to the British influence, as in the series “The Crown” and in the movie “Spencer”, starring actress Kristen Stewart. In fashion, more specifically, Lady Di not only influenced, but also transformed the way the royal family was seen by the public.

In celebration of her birthday, we’ve collected some of her most historic looks and moments over her 36 years of life — from the most famous wedding dress in history to the controversial “revenge dress”.

The “royal” taffeta

Diana walked down the aisle with Prince Charles in 1981, in a strategically televised ceremony watched by over 750 million people worldwide. For such a grandiose moment, a wedding dress as impressive would be needed. This responsibility was in the hands and creative minds of stylist Elizabeth Emanuel, along with her husband at the time, David Emanuel.

Princess Diana in a wedding dress "most famous in the world"created by designers Elizabeth and David Emanuel - Getty Images - Getty Images

Princess Diana in the “World’s Most Famous” Wedding Dress, Created by Designers Elizabeth and David Emanuel

Image: Getty Images

The ivory silk taffeta dress had puff sleeves, in addition to the impressive 7.62 meters of train, it also had antique lace with 10 thousand pearls and a lace chiffon veil. As reported by “BBC”, the dimensions of the piece were so large that they were “crushed” in the carriage that left it at the door of St. Paul’s Cathedral.

According to reports, the creation of the dress would have cost 90 thousand pounds, about R$ 575 thousand, at the current price.

“We chose drama,” Elizabeth Emanuel told the BBC. “It was everyone’s image of a fairy tale princess. The timing was perfect for it. It was a time for fringes and frills.”

Diana and Prince Charles at the altar in St Paul's Cathedral, England, during their wedding - Getty Images - Getty Images

Diana and Prince Charles at the altar of St Paul’s Cathedral in England during their wedding

Image: Getty Images

The wedding dress was recreated for season 4 of the Netflix series “The Crown”. Oscar-winning costume designer Amy Adams told in an interview with Our which had the support of the play’s original stylists for the film version.

“Our biggest concern was to bring viewers, once again, that fantasy that the play carried, like a princess from Disney movies,” said Adams. “There is something very moving and tragic behind him. It was very significant that we were able to work with him and portray all his representation, not only for the one-off event, but for the later wedding dresses”.

Actress Emma Corrin as Diana in "The Crown" - Playback/Instagram - Playback/Instagram

Actress Emma Corrin as Diana in “The Crown”

Image: Playback/Instagram

The iconic sweatshirt with leggings

How to make an orange sweatshirt and leggings unforgettable? Lady Di did it. In 1995, the princess showed off the combination that would become a memory and reference for many other celebrities – probably, whenever you see any news about a famous person wearing a look like this, there will be a reference to Spencer.

Diana in a sweatshirt she wore to fool the paparazzi.  The piece was auctioned for US$ 53,000, approximately R$ 280,000 at the current price - Getty Images - Getty Images

Diana in a sweatshirt she wore to fool the paparazzi. The piece was auctioned for US$53,000, approximately R$280,000 at current prices.

Image: Getty Images

A curiosity is that she (almost) always wore the same look to train with one purpose: to make the paparazzi photos look like they were recorded on the same day. Thus, they would not be able to sell the clicks as “new”.

The sweatshirt, in turn, turned out to be the most valuable part of the look as a whole. The navy blue piece was stamped with the British airline Virgin Atlantic and, after the death of the princess, was under the care of her personal trainer Jenni Rivett.

In 2019, the jacket was auctioned and reached a bid of US$ 53 thousand, around R$ 280 thousand at the current price.

The “Vengeance Dress”

Lady Di with the "revenge dress" - Getty Images - Getty Images

Lady Di in the “Vengeance Dress”

Image: Getty Images

In 1994, Diana surprised by wearing the black chiffon dress, off-the-shoulder neckline and designed by fashion designer Christina Stambolian, on the same day that the documentary “Charles: The Private Man, The Public Role” premiered on British national television. In the production, the prince revealed that he was not always faithful to the mother of Harry and William.

The look made Lady Di manage to “steal” media attention with the dress she wore, minimizing the space in British tabloids about her ex-husband’s revelations about his affair with Camila.

The name “revenge dress” was given by the media. Journalist Bethan Holt, in an article published by The Daily Telegraph, wrote that “the dress embraced the act of recapturing narrative and was the definitive modern example of revenge attire.”

In leaked photos from the recordings of season 5 of “The Crown”, actress Elizabeth Debicki was photographed wearing a possible replica of the piece.

The look for the Met Gala

Diana at the Met Gala in 1996 at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, United States - Getty Images - Getty Images

Diana at the Met Gala in 1996 at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, United States

Image: Getty Images

Diana made her only Met Gala appearance in 1996, three months after her divorce from Prince Charles. On December 9, the eternal princess surprised to appear with a look created by British stylist John Galliano.

Which fit perfectly with the theme of the ball, which paid homage to Christian Dior. Galliano, at the time, had just assumed the post of chief designer at the French fashion house.

For the Met Gala, Diana wore a navy blue dress designed by John Galliano - Getty Images - Getty Images

For the Met Gala, Diana wore a navy blue dress designed by John Galliano.

Image: Getty Images

The navy blue dress was made from silk, as if flirting with lingerie modeling. A black robe was used to complete the look.

According to the author of one of her biographies, Eloise Moran, this was considered one of her “most shocking dresses” and a “second part of revenge”. Not coincidentally, Diana wore the same necklace as the previous look.

“I think she was hugging and enjoying it,” Moran told Insider. “She knew she could never shake off the attention and the spotlight, but I think she was positioning her in a different way, as some sort of international star, Marilyn Monroe-type icon, rather than a member of the royal family. the dress really reflected that”.

Lady Diana Spencer and then Editor-in-Chief of Harper's Bazaar Elizabeth Tilberis attend the Costume Institute Gala on December 9, 1996 - Evan Agostini/Liaison - Evan Agostini/Liaison

Lady Diana Spencer and then editor-in-chief of Harper’s Bazaar Elizabeth Tilberis attend the Costume Institute Gala on December 9, 1996

Image: Evan Agostini/Liaison

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