Man drops R$6,000 engagement ring into lake and goes viral

Proposal being made in front of one side, with man bending down
In the end, he returned to the place and re-proposed. (photo: Reproduo/Tik Tok @geriiashforth)

During a proposal, 26-year-old Brit Ross Bamber ended up dropping the ring in the lake. The video of the moment went viral on Tik Tok and had almost 4 million views.

The ring Ross chose to give to Geri Ashforth, 23, cost around £1,000.

They were on a pier in the outback town of Watton when Ross knelt down, and as soon as he opened the ring box, the jewel dropped into the deck spaces.

The request was ruined and, as a result, several of the couple’s friends began looking for the jewel in the lake. In an interview with the Southwest News Service, Ross said he was disappointed with the outcome of the order. “I couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t even get down on my knees. I took the ring out of my pocket, and when I opened the box, the ring fell out. The ring bounced a few times and then fell through the openings in the deck,” he explained.

In the end, Ross decided to buy another ring and returned with his girlfriend to place the order. On Tik Tok, Ross and Geri still make videos on the topic under the caption: “Follow us to see if we find the ring”, they joke.

That’s because the couple is still hoping to find the gem. The original video has around 3.9 million views on Tik Tok.

The owner of the space is cooperating with the search, even using a metal detector. Ross and Geri met in 2017. They worked at the same nursing home, but didn’t start dating until 2021.

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