Marvel may have already chosen a great actor for the Thing

Currently, Marvel Studios is developing a new reboot of Fantastic Fourwhich will simply be the third version of the team in theaters, after two not-so-successful attempts.


Before Disney bought Fox, which returned the Fantastic Four rights to Marvel, Fox even produced two franchises for the group, the last attempt, in 2015, being an absolute failure.

Now Marvel is on a mission to try to make the Four finally work on the big screen, and fans have always had two favorite cast members for the film: John Krasinski as Mister Fantastic and Emily Blunt as the Invisible Woman.

There have never been so many suggestions for who might interpret the Human Torch or the Thingbut it seems that Marvel may have gone ahead precisely in choosing an actor for one of these characters.

A new rumor from reddit indicates that Jason Segel will play the Thing in the final three episodes of She-Hulk, a series that premieres on August 11 on Disney+. In this case, the actor would have given life to the character through motion capture and would be one of Matt Murdock’s (Charlie Cox) clients.

Jason Segel could be the Thing from the Fantastic Four.

Jason Segel is Jewish just like Ben Grimm/The Thing in the comics. The rumor even says that the character’s original appearance was planned to take place in Spider-Man: No Return Homebut that the plans ended up being postponed to She-Hulk.

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Fantastic Four will be a reboot of Marvel Studios, the team’s first film to be produced by the studio. There is no release date yet. The characters have had three film adaptations, two of medium success, and one a failure.

The unanimity is that no film has honored the characters in the way they deserve. Kevin Feige’s Marvel Studios is expected to finally get it! Announced in December 2020, director Jon Watts (Tom Holland’s Spider-Man Trilogy) HAS LEFT helm of the film! His replacement has yet to be announced.

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