meet the powerful sympathy for the last day of the month

Last day of the month is ideal for burning onion skins

Last day of the month is ideal for burning onion skins

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Over the course of a month, our house accumulates countless energies. Be it the way we act, the places we return to or even the visits we receive, each vibration gathers in the rooms, often bringing the imbalance of the environment. For this, nothing better than performing this very powerful spell on the last day of the month to end negative energies and prepare the home with a lot of positivity to receive the next month. Shall we burn the onion?

burn the onion

Originating in Central Asia, cultivated in India and China since ancient times and much appreciated in Greece, Rome and Egypt, onions are highly efficient in purifying environments. Its shells can be used to cleanse the energies of the home on the last day of the month, thus preparing the environment for the new one to come. The powerful sympathy of burning the onion on the last day of the month causes all negative impurities to be removed from the place. Thus, the beginning of the month occurs with the opening for good energies and good vibrations.

In addition to being essential to do at home, sympathy can also be done in establishments and shops with the aim of renewing these environments, opening the doors to positive vibes, prosperity, joy and luck.

What will you need?

onion skins




How to make

Before anything else, focus your vibrations for the moment. Have confidence in the sympathy you are going to perform and pray a prayer that brings you comfort.

Take the onion skins and put them in the pan. Then, put half a cap of alcohol and finally, light the shells with the match. After all the onion skins are burned, discard the ashes in the soil, which can be from a garden or a pot.

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