New menu will speed up text formatting in WhatsApp Beta for Windows

WhatsApp should soon bring a new context menu to the beta app for Windows. The idea is to offer useful features to improve the experience of those who use WhatsApp Beta with the mouse and keyboard, since the program was originally designed for touch screens.

Until then, the main way to use visual aids in words was to type code before them. Bold, for example, is triggered by using the asterisk in front and at the end of the word like this: *Canaltech*. The screenshot below shows how the redesigned menu will speed up text editing.

The context menu is now integrated into WhatsApp and has gained more options (Image: Alveni Lisboa/Canaltech)

When you select a word, sentence or paragraph and press the right mouse button, a window will open with formatting options: bold, italic, strikethrough or write with space. There are also the traditional copy/paste/cut, undo last change or select all options.

The new look has icons that help you know what each option does, something that was not present in the old standard. The box also adopts shades of gray and black instead of white if you use dark mode. You can use an expanded version, like this one in the photo, or reduced to just the text formatting icons on the bottom line.

On the other hand, the menu is entirely in English and an important option is missing. Contextual suggestions, used to help quickly correct typos, were left out. It would be interesting if the developers of “Zap” came back with this for a more complete experience.

Available in WhatsApp Beta for Windows

The new context menu is available to all users who update WhatsApp Beta from the official Windows store. You must access the Microsoft Store, search for “WhatsApp Beta” and click the Update button. Once the download and installation is complete, the program will already display the change when it is run again.

WhatsApp for Windows recently gained reactions to messages with emojis. The program also received the ability to pause and resume recording audios thanks to interface changes. The goal is to make the experience more in line with other versions, as the Windows app does not yet have all the features.

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