NGOs urge US not to deport Texas truck survivors

American Immigration Council sent a letter with signatures from 100 institutions to US Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas containing an asylum application

Playback / KABBtruck with bodies in the USA
53 migrants died of suffocation and dehydration in a truck in Texas

About 100 organizations from human rights asked this Thursday, 30, the government of United States not to deport the survivors of the truck found in San Antonio, Texas, when they leave the hospital. in the truck53 migrants died by asphyxia and dehydration. The American Immigration Council sent the US Secretary of National Security, Alejandro Mayorkas, a letter in which the 100 organizations left their signatures with the request. “Removing or deporting any survivors in these circumstances adds to the horrors they experienced,” the NGOs stressed in the letter. For this reason, they asked the Department of Homeland Security “to ensure that they have parole to enter the United States” and offer them assistance in applying for visas or asylum. The signatories believe the survivors “are at imminent risk of deportation” under Title 42, a health policy implemented by former President Donald Trump through which immigrants undocumented immigrants who cross the border irregularly are expelled without being able to apply for asylum. “In previous accidents, other victims ended up being detained and deported within hours of being released from the hospital,” they noted.

On Monday, an abandoned truck of human traffickers was found in San Antonio with 46 migrants dead, while another 16 were taken to nearby hospitals. Later, the death toll rose to 53 people, originally from Mexico, Guatemala and Honduras. The US Supreme Court authorized President Joe Biden on Thursday to suspend the “Stay in Mexico” program, a policy established by Trump that forces asylum seekers to wait in Mexican territory for their case to be resolved. However, Title 42, another policy established by Trump, is still in effect, which Biden tried to suspend, but the courts prevented him from doing so.

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