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The meeting between President Rodolfo Landim and the mayor of Rio de Janeiro, Eduardo Paes, which would take place on Thursday, was postponed to this weekend. The theme is Flamengo’s desire to build its own stadium, and the club is studying an alternative land to the Olympic Park.

+ Flamengo’s project is to build its stadium with the same capacity as the Maracanã

Structure of the Olympic Park during the Rio Games — Photo: Gabriel Heusi/Brasil2016.gov.br

Plan B is the place where the old Terra Encantada theme park used to work, also in Barra da Tijuca, West Zone of Rio. The location, which belongs to a real estate company, was already on the agenda at the club even before the Landim management, but the project did not go ahead because of the high value.

Current manager of Maracanã along with Fluminense, Flamengo was very upset with the episode of the appointment of Vasco’s game against Sport for the stadium without the red-black approval turned on the alert about the political problems related to the stadium and increased the desire in the club to have a home of their own.

+ Justice denies Flamengo appeal and keeps Vasco x Sport at Maracanã

Land where Terra Encantada park was located is plan B for Flamengo stadium — Photo: Google Earth

Flamengo considers that the Olympic Park area would be more interesting to build a stadium with “Maracanã level” capacity, but the site also has complex obstacles to overcome.

Starting with the scenario of having three owners: the City of Rio, the Federal Government and the consortium formed by the construction companies Odebrecht, Andrade Gutierrez and Carvalho Hosken, which won the public-private partnership (PPP) competition organized to build the venue for the 2016 Olympics.

Basically, the consortium was the owner of the land. The federal government of Arenas 1, 2, tennis and the Velodrome. Arena 3 is owned by the city hall, and various sports activities are held there, such as gymnastics, weight training and volleyball. The site will be transformed into the Experimental Olympic Gymnasium (GEO), and the idea is that the velodrome will receive the activities that are currently carried out in Arena 3.

The Arena do Futuro, which hosted the handball games at the Olympics, has already begun to be demolished. The structure will become schools, as part of the legacy for the city.

In addition to the financial issue and an understanding with the consortium that owns the land, there are many aspects that need to be analyzed, such as the possibility or not of the stadium being built without the demolition of some installation, for example. And, if necessary, what is the chance of authorization to do so?

There are also other important issues, such as public access, parking, impact on the region due to traffic… Topics that would be on the agenda in conversations with the city hall.

The land of the Olympic Park, which already had a stadium project by people linked to Fluminense, has a total of 1.18 million square meters. In addition to the arenas, the complex housed the International Games Broadcasting Center (IBC), the Main Media Center (MPC) and the Olympic Village. These facilities joined the Maria Lenk Water Park and Arena Rio, which are nearby.

The city government is currently responsible for the maintenance of the Olympic Park, but the idea of ​​outsourcing it is in progress.

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Best moments of Tolima 0 x 1 Flamengo by Libertadores 2022

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