Pedrinho’s video is misinterpreted by the Galo fans. Understand

An alleged gaffe committed by midfielder Pedrinho, new player for Galo, mobilizes Atletico fans on social media this Thursday (30). “Speak up guys, Galoucura do Corinto! This is Pedrinho. Passing by to send you a hug and may God bless you, okay? We’re together!”, said the player.

Without having much knowledge about the cities of Minas and with a somewhat run-down speech, in the video, Pedrinho thanks “Galoucura do Corinti”, meaning the members of Galo’s organized fans who live in the city of Minas Gerais, 450 km from BH.

However, the message turned out to be a misunderstanding. Many netizens thought that Pedrinho, in fact, gave a hello to “Galoucura do Corinthians”, making a mess with the team that revealed him to football.

Pedrinho is Galo’s fourth reinforcement

This Thursday (30), Atlético confirmed the signing of Pedrinho. The 24-year-old former Corinthians midfielder has not played since December 2021 due to Ukraine’s conflict with Russia.

Due to the war, FIFA announced last week that foreign athletes could have their contracts suspended until July 2023 with Ukrainian clubs. With that, the player stays at the club until this period.

In 18 games for Shakhtar Donetsk, Pedrinho scored 4 goals and provided 3 assists. Before that, he played for Benfica, where he scored 1 goal in 31 matches.

With the arrival of Pedrinho, Galo will confirm the third reinforcement for the second half of the season. In addition to him, the club brought forward Alan Kardec and defender Jemerson. Peacock is next.

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