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The dog Stella and Jay Pritchett in Modern Family (Photo: ABC / Reproduction)

The dog Stella and Jay Pritchett, in Modern Family (Photo: ABC / Reproduction)

The great characters on television don’t necessarily have to be human. In fact, some of our most beloved TV stars of all time are pets of all kinds. To honor these pets, check out the list of 9 pets from TV series.

1. Vincent – Lost

Michael, Vincent and Walt in Lost (Photo: ABC / Reproduction)

Michael, Vincent and Walt, in ‘Lost’ (Photo: ABC / Reproduction)

Few shows have divided viewers the way the drama has. lost. Was he purgatory? Was it heaven? Did anyone really survive? For this list, it doesn’t matter. Here we will remember Vincent, the yellow labrador. He was introduced in the series as Walt’s (Malcolm David Kelley) dog, but later found out he belonged to his stepfather.

In his time on the island, the dog saved people from getting lost, getting thirsty and even being eaten by a polar bear. But he is one of the few characters who never manages to leave the place.

2. Salem – Sabrina, sorceress’s apprentice

Salem and Sabrina (Photo: ABC / Reproduction)

Salem and Sabrina (Photo: ABC/ Reproduction)

The Black Cat Salem, from the series Sabrina, Sorceress’s Apprentice, was a human sorcerer sentenced to spend 100 years in animal form for conspiring to seek world domination. While this obsession with control and power remains with the character throughout the series, life with Sabrina (Melissa Joan Hart) and her aunts certainly encourages the feline’s personal growth and development. Salem also provides emotional support to the protagonist throughout the series.

3. Marcel – Friends

Marcel, Ross, Phoebe, Chandler and Monica from Friends (Photo: Warner Bros / Playback)

Marcel, Ross, Phoebe, Chandler and Monica, from Friends (Photo: Warner Bros/Playback)

friends is one of the most iconic series of all time and loved by most people. In the first season, the character Ross (David Schwimmer) adopts Marcel, a capuchin monkey.

Having a monkey as a pet sounds like a pretty cool idea. The reality though? Not so much… The animals can have an aggressive behavior if they don’t live with other primates, which happens in the series and causes the pet to be donated to a zoo.

4. The Chick and The Duck – Friends

The Duck, Phoebe and The Chick in Friends (Photo: Warner Bros / Playback)

The Duck, Phoebe and The Chick, in Friends (Photo: Warner Bros/Playback)

A chick and a duck are not the ideal pets to have in a Manhattan apartment. In this way, Chandler (Matthew Perry) and Joey (Matt LeBlanc) had an unusual roommate dynamic. The birds were like their family and respected by other members of the group.

5. Comet – Three’s Too Many (Full House)

The Tanner Family and Comet in Three is Awesome (Photo: Warner Bros / Playback)

The Tanner and Comet family, in Three Is Awesome (Photo: Warner Bros. / Reproduction)

The golden retriever Comet joined the Tanner family after his mother gave birth in Uncle Jesse’s (John Stamos) bed during the show’s third season. The dog’s owner let the Tanners choose a puppy from the litter and young Michelle (Olsen twins) chose the puppy that would stay in the family for a long time. One of her pups continued the lineage, following Fuller House.

6. Ghost – Game of Thrones

Jon Snow and the Ghost cub in Game of Thrones (Photo: HBO / Reproduction)

Jon Snow and the Phantom cub, in Game of Thrones (Photo: HBO / Reproduction)

the wolves of game of Thrones they are like protectors of Eddard Stark’s (Sean Bean) children. Most of them were killed off during the show’s six seasons and only two remained alive. One is Arya’s (Maise Williams) wolf, Nymeria, whose whereabouts are unknown. The other is Ghost, Jon Snow’s (Kit Harington) pet, who has saved his human and his friends’ lives many times.

7. Santa’s Little Helper – The Simpsons

Santa's Little Helper and Homer in The Simpsons (Photo: Fox / Reproduction)

Santa’s Little Helper and Homer, in The Simpsons (Photo: Fox/ Reproduction)

After finishing last in a dog race, Santa’s Little Helper was abandoned by his owner. The dog was then rescued by Homer and Bart one Christmas, pictured in the pilot episode. Since then, Santa’s Little Helper has lived with the Simpsons. He has served as a mascot for Duff Beer, has undergone police dog training and has been responsible for several litters over the seasons.

8. Doc – Grey’s Anatomy

The dog Doc in Grey's Anatomy (Photo: ABC / Playback)

The dog Doc, in Grey’s Anatomy (Photo: ABC / Reproduction)

Meredith Gray (Ellen Pompeo) adopted Doc to help her get over Derek (Patrick Dempsey) after he got back together with Addison (Kate Walsh) in Grey’s Anatomy. However, the dynamic with the dog didn’t work out well in the resident’s republic and ended up being taken care of by Derek and Addison. Doc developed metastatic bone cancer and was euthanized, one of the saddest deaths at the start of the series.

9. Stella – Modern Family

Jay Pritchett and Stella in Modern Family (Photo: ABC / Playback)

Jay Pritchett and Stella in Modern Family (Photo: ABC / Playback)

Stella is the Pritchett family’s French bulldog. She was the pet of a dog handler named Guillermo (Lin-Manuel Miranda), who sought advice from Jay (Ed O’Neill) on a new business idea, which the entrepreneur criticized. The tutor couldn’t keep her because she had to go back to college, so the family decided to adopt her. Jay, who at first was reluctant to keep the dog, developed a special affection for the pet.

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