São Paulo’s performances: Luciano disenchants; Calleri commands victory and is sent off in Chile | Sao Paulo

Calleri: suffered the penalty that generated the first goal, stole the ball from Isla and gave the assist for the second and scored a great goal, the fourth of the 4 to 1 over Universidad Católica. Captain of the Tricolor on Thursday night, shirt 9 again had a very important role offensively. He was one of the highlights of the initial stage, in which São Paulo remained as a visitor in Santiago, and reappeared when the team was one less. He was sent off in the final minutes. Note: 8.5.

Lucian: a night to scare away the bad phase. After more than 50 days without hitting the net, shirt 11 found his way to the goal again in a double dose. There were two goals in the first half to lead São Paulo to victory in Chile. He ended up being sacrificed by Rogério Ceni for the expulsion of Igor Vinicius and replaced at the beginning of the second stage by Patrick. Note: 8.0.

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Reinaldo: converted the 21st penalty out of 22 taken with the São Paulo shirt and gave the team peace of mind in the first stage. He gave the pass to Luciano to make the individual play for the third goal. He also used experience and “morale” with the cast to steer more young people, like Rodrigo Nestor, away from teasing. Another night in which he corresponded. Note: 7.5.

Igor Vinicius: the match started well on the right side, but it got complicated in two interpretations by the referee. The expulsion with less than five minutes of the final stage could harm São Paulo, which managed to react with Calleri’s goal. Note: 4.5.

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Rodrigo Nestor: in an offensively outstanding match for São Paulo, the midfielder lived a night below his teammates. He did not accompany the opponent in the bid for the Catholic goal and was sent off after stepping caught by VAR. He left the team two fewer in the last 20 minutes of the match. Note: 3.5.

São Paulo team posed against Universidad Católica – Photo: Reuters

Check out the scores of São Paulo players:

  • Jandrei [GOL]: 6.0
  • Diego Costa [ZAG]: 6.5
  • Miranda [ZAG]: 6.0
  • leo [ZAG]: 5.5
  • Igor Vinicius [ALD]: 4.5
  • Gabriel Neves [VOL]: 7.0
  • (Pablo Maia [VOL]: no grade)
  • Igor Gomes [MEI]: 7.0
  • Rodrigo Nestor [MEI]: 3.5
  • Reinaldo [ALE]: 7.5
  • (Luizão [ZAG]: no grade)
  • Lucian [ATA]: 8.0
  • (Patrick [MEI]: 7.0)
  • Calleri [ATA]: 8.5

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