“Spencer”, “Gucci House”, “Run!” and more: what’s coming to Prime Video in July

July has started and now we have a long calendar ahead for the rest of the month. This period will be marked by the debut of great titles, especially those that will arrive on Amazon Prime Video. The brand’s next month list of releases includes many iconic movies and series, such as “Fifty Shades Darker”, “Spencer,” with Kristen Stewart, and “Run!”. Other best-known features, such as “Casa Gucci”, “Without Limits”, “Split” also arrive on the streaming service this Friday. Check out!


In the world of series, we highlight “No Boundaries“. The unprecedented production of Amazon Prime Video tells the story of the first boat trip around the world, coinciding with the celebration of the 500th anniversary of the expedition. The super production will bring to life the epic story of a group of sailors on a voyage into the unknown, in a great series full of action and adventure of six episodes of 40 minutes each.

With Rodrigo Santoro and alvaro Death, it’s almost impossible to get something bad out of there. But if you haven’t been interested, you can try searching for “The Terminal List” with Chris Pratt. It is worth checking!

“The Terminal”1st of july

“No Boundaries” July 8th

“Paper Girls” July 29


On the other hand, from well-known films that complete the list of July releases we have “Spencer”, “Fragmented“, “Death Gives You Congratulations“, “Fifty Shades Darker“, “Run!” and “Gucci House“.”Spencer” is what portrays part of the story of Princess Diana (Kristen Stewart) as she faces the divorce of the prince Charles (Jack Farthing). On the other hand, “Run!” is an Oscar winner and addresses the issue of racism and its layers very well. Lastly, “Gucci House“, which showed how overdone fashion can be.

You can still be interested in “The Boss Baby” and “Anything’s Possible”, which are very different from the rest of the long ones, so they are getting kind of generic, without identity.

The last one, “Anything’s Possible”, is one of the ones that drew the most attention in this wave of news. Directed by Billy Porterthe film tells the story of the Kelsa (Eva Reign), a young transgender woman who is in her final year of school, but ends up with a boy named Khal asks her out and he begins to fall in love with her.

“Spencer”1st of july

“Fragmented”1st of july

“Death Gives You Congratulations” – July 1

“The Mighty Boss”1st of july

“Fifty Shades Darker”1st of july

“Run!”1st of july

“Gucci House”July 3rd

“Don’t Make Me Go”July 15th

“Anything’s Possible”July, 22

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