Taylor Lautner’s fiancee makes a trend with “Twilight” and goes viral!

There are people who really live a fanfic… Or almost, right? For singles ‘on call’, there’s a famous trend on TikTok that makes anyone feel a twinge of envy. That’s because in it, netizens show that they found partners very similar to childhood crushes. It turns out that one particular person named taylor dome raised the level of playfulness — and it’s about “Twilight”!

Taylor Lautner's fiancee is trending with "Twilight" and go viral!
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The girl in question is the bride of Taylor Lautnerthe werewolf Jacob Black from the saga created by Stephenie Meyer that became a movie. Well, she decided to trend on TikTok to show who her childhood crush was… But no one expected the answer!

taylor dome showed that he actually liked Edward Cullen, played by Robert Pattinson, who was Jacob’s rival character in “Twilight”. In the saga, the two disputed the love of Bella Swan, but who did well was the shiny vampire!

Jokingly, she said in the video’s caption: “I think it’s time to confess…”.

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“It’s so 2010 to be a Twilight hater,” says Robert Pattinson

During the promotion of “Batman”, the actor Robert Pattinson ended up talking about “Twilight”. sitting next to Zoe Kravitz (Catwoman), he heard the actress say that the movie about vampires and werewolves “not her beach”. She said she only saw the first one, but she barely remembers. Robert then decided to play with her:

“Oh, I know. It’s not even nicer to be one haterthis is so 2010”

Zoe Kravitz explained that it is not hater franchise starring Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. She just… doesn’t care. “I don’t hate it, I just didn’t watch it”he responded.

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