“The crowd didn’t stop singing, it’s as if we hadn’t scored the goal”, Sport manager is impressed with Cruzeiro fans

During the official presentation of coach Lisca, at Sport, Leão’s vice president of football, Augusto Carreras, praised Cruzeiro’s fans in the match last Tuesday (28), while asking for support from the Recife club’s fans.

In a press conference that was released on Sport’s official channel, Augusto Carreras mentioned the moment of Leão’s goal in the match against Cruzeiro, which according to him it seemed that Raposa had not conceded a goal, the crowd kept singing.

“I was impressed, we scored against Cruzeiro in the last game, we opened the scoring, the crowd didn’t stop singing, it’s as if we hadn’t scored,” said the manager.

Augusto Carreras also said that this is what the Sport fan needs to do again, to help the club in the fight for access to Serie A of the Brazilian Championship.

“Crosseiro fans were singing the whole game, that’s the role that the Sport fan knows how to play, has already played and needs to play again”, said Augusto Carreras.

Last Tuesday (28), before the match between Cruzeiro and Sport, Augusto Carreras exchanged shirts with Raposa’s CEO, Gabriel Lima, in a Futebol de Paz campaign.

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