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The before and after of Natalie Portman for Thor 4 (Photo: Getty Images and Disclosure)

The before and after of Natalie Portman for Thor 4 (Photo: Getty Images and Disclosure)

Natalie Portman faced a heavy workout routine to get the strong body she appears in Thor: Love and Thunder, the fourth film in the franchise with Chris Hemsworth that hits theaters next month and in which she is the Mighty Thor. For 10 months, the actress faced training with the aim of leaving her “torn” and with well-defined arms, as told by the personal trainer. Naomi Pendergast the magazine Variety.

“The goal and initial brief for working with Natalie was to develop definition in her arms and abs. However, to safely get Natalie to that goal without injury, we worked to condition her body first for about four months. we could safely increase the load to increase her volume without adversely affecting her joints,” she explained.

Naomi said that training started five months before filming and continued on set, so that Natalia wouldn’t lose the muscles she had gained, in a total of ten months of hard work. They trained about an hour and a half a day and started at 4:30 am when Thor 4 started to run.

Natalie Portman and Chris Hemsworth in Thor 4 (Photo: Getty Images and Disclosure)

Natalie Portman and Chris Hemsworth in Thor 4 (Photo: Getty Images and Disclosure)

Naomi’s plan started by preparing Natalie’s body for weight work in order to avoid all sorts of injuries. Three times a week, the actress focused on her upper limbs, with arm, back and chest workouts, as well as boxing, jumping and running exercises. Another two days were dedicated to injury prevention, with a mix of Pilates, stretching, muscle release work and balance exercises – always with a lot of warm-up, either with body weight or a Swiss ball or band.

Naomi says Natalie didn’t have any serious injuries, but was a little sore after a few stunt sessions. As the actress is vegan and already eats healthy, the adjustment in food was just to increase the volume of vegan protein she ingested, distributed throughout the day, so that she could gain muscle mass.

Natalie’s workout, after the stretching, was followed by a core set of exercises, with supersets with about a minute of rest between each set. Check the spreadsheet:

Superset 1:

• Dumbbell Row — 10 slow reps

• Bodyweight shift pushup – 10 slow reps

• Lateral stretching (rest exercise)

Superset 2:

• Reverse dumbbell flight – 10 slow reps

• Seated Dumbbell Shoulder Press – 10 slow reps

• Back stretch (rest exercise)

Superset 3:

• Standing dumbbell arm raise (palms up) – 20 slow reps

• Assisted Pull Ups – 6-8 controlled reps

• Roll up (rest exercise)

Superset 4:

• Dumbbell Biceps Curl — 10-12 reps

• Dumbbell Triceps Press — 15 reps

• Upper body rotation stretch (rest exercise)

Boxing and vaulting round – 4-5 sets of:

• 2-minute boxing

• 1 minute jump

• 2 x 50m sprints

• Rest 1.5 minutes

Core work and stretching

• Abdominal plank on elbows – 1 minute

• Side plank at elbow – 1 minute on each side

• Basic curl focused on pelvic control

• Stretches for feet, legs and hips

Natalie Portman (Photo: The Grosby Group)

Natalie Portman on the set of Thor 4 (Photo: The Grosby Group)

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