Urologist at Uopeccan in Umuarama specializes in robotic surgery

Robotic surgery is a method that uses a robot to help the surgeon perform the procedure. Through a 3D camera, the professional can view the surgical field in a broader way.

Thus, the surgeon drives the robot on a separate console, which allows control of the robotic arms. Among the benefits are: the duration of the surgery, which can vary from 60 to 90 minutes, less blood loss and greater comfort for the patient. And these and other reasons led the general surgeon and urologist at the Uopeccan Hospital in Umuarama Alberto Tomé to specialize in robotic surgery.

“Robotics is the revolution in surgery, in the past, only conventional surgery was performed, which is open surgery. Over time, laparoscopic surgery emerged, which brought immense benefit to patients, and in the early 2000s, this robotic surgery movement emerged, which brought an even greater benefit. You can’t not offer it, people deserve better and better things”.

He also explains that the differences between the surgical procedures are also found in the postoperative results: “in urology, the gold standard for the treatment of prostate cancer is robotic surgery, because it brings better preservation of continence, potency ( of erectile dysfunction),” he said.

The doctor adds: “In open surgery, the chance of the patient becoming impotent is around 50%, in robotic surgery the number drops to 5%. In addition to being a minimally invasive surgery, the patient is not left with a huge cut, the postoperative recovery is less, with much better preservation potential than laparoscopic surgery”.

Tomé did a postgraduate course at Hospital Albert Einstein, which lasted one year, with distance classes once a week and practical, face-to-face classes for one weekend a month.

In the process, 50 hours/class were dedicated to simulations, after this phase, he assisted in field surgeries and, finally, underwent a day of tests with the robot manufacturer, Intuitive.

In April, he received certification in robotic surgery, internationally recognized and today, he is the only professional in Umuarama to have this level of certification.

precise technology

Another big advantage of robotic surgery is the technology behind it. As the doctor Alberto Tomé explains, the camera’s resolution is excellent, which guarantees a wide and clear view. In addition, the forceps used in the procedure are static, making only the movements that the surgeon determines.

“The tweezers guarantee much more precision to dissect a tissue, preserve a nerve, a muscle, remove a tumor… in addition, it has a cauterization potential, a dissection much more advanced than the conventional material”, he says.

Offer in the region

Today, robotic surgery is not yet offered in the city, neither by the SUS, nor by agreements. However, Tomé says that for some years, there has been a movement to offer surgery in the region.

“Once we bring it to the region – we cover a very large region – we get some benefits, because we are a philanthropic hospital, which has several donations, we get a lot, we can benefit the population with this type of procedure, at a cost cheaper than what is practiced abroad”.

(Uopeccan Advisory)

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