Vice do Sport praises the Cruzeiro fan: ‘They don’t stop singing’

Cruise has better m
photo: Staff Images/Cruise

Cruzeiro has the best average attendance in Serie B in the Brazilian Championship

Sport’s vice president, Augusto Carreras said this Thursday (30), during a press conference to introduce coach Lisca, that he was impressed with Cruzeiro’s supporters.

The manager was in Mineiro in the celestial victory by 2 to 1 over Leo, this Tuesday (28), for the 14th round of Serie B of the Brazilian Championship. The celestial team came out behind the score, but turned around and increased their advantage at the end of the competition.

“I was impressed. We scored against Cruzeiro, we opened the scoring, the (Cruzeiro) crowd didn’t stop singing. It’s as if we hadn’t scored. As if Sport hadn’t scored. was singing the whole game,” he said.

Cruzeiro largely dominated the first half, but ended up suffering a counterattack from Kayke in the 18th minute. Pushed by their fans, who recognized the intensity of Paulo Pezzolano’s team, the miners equalized in the 25′ and turned in the 40′.

This was not the first time that an opposing manager praised the heavenly crowd. On May 17, just over a month ago, Grmio’s vice president of football, Dnis Abraho, also highlighted the crucial role of Cruzeiro’s people in the good moment the team had in Serie B.
“By the way, against Cruzeiro it was the same thing, I didn’t want to comment anything against Cruzeiro, because I thought there were external factors that boosted Cruzeiro’s motivation. What’s the external factor? The crowded stadium, a club married to the fans, the fans understanding the moment and its role in making a difference,” Abraho said at the time.

Cruzeiro x Sport: photos of the heavenly fans in Mineiro for Serie B

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