What is the best cell phone for photos under R$2,000?

Do you like to take good pictures, but don’t want to invest a lot of money in your next phone? Then this is the article you needed to read! I’m going to list the best smartphones to take pictures up to R$2,000, with models from several of the most popular brands in Brazil.

They are the best models in their price range and within the catalog of each company. However, keep in mind that these cell phones do not compete directly with the more advanced models in terms of photography. They do the job, but they are no better than the top of the line. However, these top of the line cost well over R$2,000 nowadays.


Moto G71

The Motorola cell phone up to R$2,000 that delivers the best photos overall is the Motorola Moto G71. For about R$1,700, the device stands out for the sharpness and definition of the photos with the main and the front.

With its main sensor, the Moto G71 manages to maintain a good level of detail even in low light places. The device only lacks a little color, which is more washed out than most modern cell phones – a chronic problem for Motorola.

The main weaknesses of this model are in the extra cameras. Both ultrawide and macro deliver photos much darker than the main one, even in well-lit environments.

The front is color-accurate, and the dynamic range is good with HDR enabled (or, even better, if kept on auto). Your face is left with a good level of detail, sharpness and textures.


Realme GT Master Edition

The Realme GT Master Edition doesn’t have the best photos in its category. But consider that its import price is close to R$1,600, so the good quality of its photographs far outweighs the national options.

The mobile takes pictures with tones closer to the real world and does not have aggressive post-processing. The dynamic range is great, which greatly enhances the detail in the frame. Night mode is another strong point, with little noise and sharpness and clarity amplified to good levels.

Ultrawide and macro are already a little less amazing in quality, but keep the post-processing more natural. The biggest problem is the definition, since they are sensors with less megapixels, 8 MP and 2 MP, respectively.

In selfies, definition brings a good level, and the colors are already more vivid. However, the HDR is a little disappointing, as it prioritizes your face and blows out the background. I don’t see it as such a big problem, but if you want to guarantee every detail in the framing, it’s not the best option.


Galaxy A52s

For around R$1,700, the Samsung Galaxy A not only offers 5G support, but also an excellent set of cameras. Samsung’s cell phone has good dynamic range and vivid colors that don’t disrespect the scenery too much.

The night mode manages to correct the sharpness well and gives a relatively natural clarity to the image. The problem is in the macro, which owes an autofocus to facilitate the click — it is very difficult to try to get the distance to the object to be photographed right.

Selfies are another strong point here, with a high level of detail and good respect for true colors. And no blown background: HDR is able to correct the difference in light from your face to the scene behind you well.

Galaxy S20 FE

A 5G version of the Galaxy S20 FE has arrived in Brazil, but you can still find the 4G model for less than R$2,000 at retail. And it is an excellent option for those who want to take good pictures, in addition to having a very powerful processor.

This is the phone on this list with the best results from different angles, even backlit. The S20 FE manages to deliver great sharpness and very good dynamic range. The ultrawide camera is not far behind, with results close to what you get with the main one.

And the big difference is for the zoom camera, instead of a macro. With it, the Galaxy S20 FE can get closer to objects up to 3x without losing quality. The sharpness is similar to the main one, as well as the colors and dynamic range.

Selfies and night mode are also strong points on this device, which has the best overall set on this list.


Poco X3 GT

Xiaomi’s best model for taking photos worth up to R$2,000 is a model of the Poco sub-brand. The Poco X3 GT more or less follows the line of other cell phones of the company in terms of photography: it is highly recommended to keep the HDR on automatic to avoid burst photos.

With the feature turned on, the device will often correct for overexposure and deliver closer to real sky rather than a white area. HDR also prevents the contrast from being too exaggerated, with shadows that are too dark. Thus, the level of detail in light and dark areas is more balanced.

The macro camera is a surprising point in the Poco X3 GT’s set. With only 2 MP, it can record impressive definition. What needs to be in focus stands out, while the rest of the scene gets a blur that gives the air of a professional camera.

The selfies are also very interesting, with above-average quality for the category to which the X3 GT belongs. For around BRL 2,000 with importers or less than BRL 1,600 for those who import from China (not including fees), it is an interesting option to photograph.


OnePlus Nord CE 2

OnePlus’ mid-range phone enters this list as an extra. It is not difficult to find the OnePlus Nord CE 2 for less than R$ 1,800, and there you can see the strengths of its set of cameras and consider it as a good option for taking pictures.

However, keep in mind that, like many models in this price range, the ideal is to always have good lighting so that the photo looks nice. It doesn’t have to be strong light, a well-balanced environment already allows him to make good captures.

In fact, this model stands out a lot for the quality of its main camera, since the ultrawide only delivers minimally decent photos with good lighting. The macro lacks a lot in the definition of the image, and needs a lot of patience to deliver something acceptable.

The front camera, on the other hand, has little difference to the main one. However, getting a good photo with it is more difficult, and requires a good knowledge base to use the light to your advantage. If her face isn’t brighter than the rest of the scene, the photo will look bad.

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