XP launches college with free courses. How to apply?

Faculdade XP offers three totally free technological courses and two bachelor’s degrees, with 400 places available

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XP, in an attempt to fill the gap of the lack of specialized professionals in the technology market, launched its own college. In all, there will be five undergraduate courses focused on the area and without tuition. Thus, the first classes will have 400 students.

In summary, Faculdade XP offers three technologists, lasting two and a half years, namely: Database, Cyber ​​Defense and Systems Analysis and Development.

There are also two 4-year bachelor’s degrees: Data Science and Information Systems.

Selective process

Each course has 80 vacancies, totaling 400. Thus, there are two stages of enrollment for the selection process. The first one is already open and runs until July 19th. The second stage will open on July 20th and will end on August 2nd.

The selection process will be carried out in two phases. Therefore, in the first phase, the candidate will have to answer a motivation questionnaire, a minicamp and a behavioral profile test. In the second, the candidate will be able to choose to use the Enem score or to take an XP Education test.

Of the total, 25% of the vacancies are reserved for blacks and browns and 25% for women.

Interested parties can check more details about the courses and the selection process on the institution’s website.

XP wants to train professionals

XP’s main objective is to train “the best professional talents in Brazil” for the market.

The company guarantees that an innovative methodology will be used, different from the market standard. All courses will be digital. Which, according to the company, is a way of “democratizing and inserting many more students into the educational process”.

The CEO of XP Educação, Paulo de Tarso, says that the institution wants to be a “career accelerator that delivers professionals who are already prepared for the challenges of the new digital economy”.

The “employer university” concept is the inspiration. Tarso mentions Google and Amazon, which have started to create their own graduate schools to solve the talent search problem.

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