Adobe Begins Free Photoshop Trial on the Web; see how it is –

Adobe Begins Free Photoshop Trial on the Web;  see how it is

Image: Adobe/Reproduction

Adobe has started testing a free, beta version of Photoshop that can be accessed directly from a web browser.

According to The Vergefor now, the novelty was released only in Canada, and working only in Chrome or Edge browsers.

In tests carried out by Gizmodo, it is possible to access in Brazil only one tutorial that presents the main functionalities of Photoshop for the Web. However, to test the photo editing app, you still need to subscribe to one of the available plans.

The idea is for the program to work in the “freemium” version, where users have access to a limited number of tools, with some extra features being released exclusively to paying subscribers. However, the company claims that the free tools will allow you to perform the main functions of Photoshop.

free photoshop
Beta version of Photoshop for internet browser.

free photoshop

As pointed out by the axios, the idea is that free Photoshop works as a kind of “sales funnel”, attracting users to later offer them paid offers and services from the Adobe suite. Acrobat for the web, for example, is already used by about 50 million people a month – twice as many as a year ago.

Launched in October of last year, the online version of Photoshop was initially more focused on collaborative work, without presenting the range of tools that exist in the traditional version of the program.

Over the past few months, the app has been gaining new features such as refining edges, the ability to convert smart objects, as well as new neural filters. There is still no information on when the free version will be available in Brazil.

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