Against animal testing, animation is awarded at Cannes Lions Festival

Last month, the animal testing animation “Save Ralph”, by Humane Society International (HSI), which won the Portuguese version “Save O Ralph”, was awarded the Grand Prix at the Cannes Lions Festival, an event held since 1953. which is considered the biggest festival of creativity in the world.

The animation that went viral in 2021, when it reached more than 150 million views in April, was awarded for creatively promoting the importance of a change that helps make the world a better place.

HSI says animation featuring a mutilated rabbit as a protagonist has influenced governments to recognize the importance of putting an end to this practice. Today, 40 countries in the world no longer allow animal testing involving cosmetics. In Brazil, the ban applies to ten states.

The Brazilian version available on YouTube with the title “Salve o Ralph” has the dubbing of actor Rodrigo Santoro. The English version features actors such as Zac Efron, Taika Waititi, Ricky Gervais and Olivia Munn.

“It was an honor for me to contribute to such an important cause,” Santoro said in a statement from the Humane Society.

The film shows the consequences of animal testing by presenting a protagonist victim of the practice who has mutilated ears, is blind in one eye and deaf in one ear.

“Animals in cosmetic testing labs have no choice and it is our responsibility to do something about it. When the opportunity arose to create a new campaign for Humane Society International, I felt stop motion was the perfect way to get the message across,” says director Spencer Susser.

“When you see the horrible reality of how animals are treated, you can’t help but look away. What I was hoping to do with this film was create something that conveyed a message without being too heavy.”

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