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See what precautions to take when buying a charger
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See what precautions to take when buying a charger

Currently, it is very common for consumers to use non-original chargers on their smartphones and tablets. The practice is not problematic in itself, but it is necessary to take some care not to buy counterfeit accessories that can, in addition to damaging the device, cause more serious problems, such as explosions.

Therefore, it is important to know how chargers work to know what precautions to take when buying a new one. Gustavo Massette, Product Manager at Positivo Tecnologia, the company that represents Anker in Brazil, explains how the accessories work.

“The charger needs to complete four important steps with the internal components”, says the expert. Are they:

  • Step Down Module: responsible for transforming the current;
  • Rectification System: responsible for eliminating the negative part of the frequency, creating a partial direct current and preparing the equipment for the third step;
  • Filter: stage in which, in fact, the energy coming from the outlet is transformed into a direct current;
  • Regulation: moment that guarantees the safe charging of the devices from the constant output of energy to the cell phone or tablet to be energized.

In addition to the inner workings, wired chargers still require special attention when choosing cables. Gustavo says that consumers should always check the quality of the material used in the yarn, including information such as the number of times it can be doubled and the warranty period.

“Among the most durable cables, we can mention those made with aramid fiber and wrapped in resistant materials, such as nylon, PVC or TPE”, says the specialist.

Another very important tip is to always buy chargers approved by Anatel, avoiding ‘pirate’ versions.

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