But already? Idol of Palmeiras announces retirement: “I got tired”


Player made the announcement in a radio interview

But already?  Idol of Palmeiras announces retirement: “I got tired”
But already? Idol of Palmeiras announces retirement: “I got tired”

Jorge Valdivia is one of the biggest recent idols of Palmeiras. Main name of the club’s “skinny cows” era, the Chilean did not “loose his foot” in the seasons that the team was in the Second Division. And that’s why he won the affection of the fans.

But the “Mago”, nickname he got because of his ability with the ball at his feet, will no longer do magic on the field. In an interview with Radio ADN, the midfielder announced his retirement from football.

“I got tired, it was enough and I’ve been analyzing it for a while and more or less decided to stop playing. I had already talked about it with people closest to me, with my family. There were many years of much sacrifice. I’m still young to do other things”, said the now ex-player.

Valdivia’s last match was in February, when he defended the colors of Necaxa, from Mexico. Now, the former midfielder wants to dedicate himself to two roles: sports commentator and football coach.

“I like both, I was lucky enough to be working in television very recently and I felt quite comfortable. It’s also something I intend to take very seriously, deeply. I’m ready to go back to work in television, but I don’t intend to put aside the studies I’ve been doing to be a coach. But being a coach is more in the long term”, replied the eternal shirt 10 alviverde

Valdivia and Palmeiras

Jorge Valdívia had two spells at Palmeiras. In the first, between 2006 and 2008, he played 93 games, scored 24 goals and was a two-time São Paulo champion. In the second, between 2010 and 2015, he played 147 times and scored 17 goals. He won the Copa do Brasil twice.

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