Can I change WhatsApp color?

Thinking about changing WhatsApp color after a long time with the same layout sounds quite interesting and you’ve probably come across third-party apps that promise to do that. However, the question remains: are they really reliable?

First of all, it is worth remembering that WhatsApp only has the function of changing the application’s theme between light and dark modes. The app does not allow you to change the color of the interface, as the green color is part of the brand’s visual identity. If you find an alternative that allows you to change the color of Zap, it is very likely that it is an unofficial option or a scam attempt to steal your data and spread spam to your contacts – stay tuned.

In the WhatsApp usage policies, the company also prohibits changing the colors of the layout. According to the platform, customization apps are prohibited and subject to ban.

Avoid apps that change WhatsApp color

There are some popular solutions developed by third parties, but as mentioned before, they are not authorized by WhatsApp, so they do not come with any guarantee of privacy and security. Some of the best known examples out there are WhatsApp Pink and WhatsApp GB.

WhatsApp Pink emerged last year with the promise of a pink version of the app, but it was actually a “trojan horse” that spread spam to the compromised account’s contact list. When installing the app, it closed, then showed an error message and didn’t actually work, but it did its job of spreading infected links to users’ WhatsApp, Telegram and Signal contacts — completely silently.

WhatsApp GB allows you to change the color of WhatsApp and offers the option to customize the platform’s interface, but it is not an official version and is not even available on official app stores. This can pose a risk to your security as well.

In addition to the risks related to security and privacy, the use of third-party apps can lead to your number being banned, considering that WhatsApp itself knows when you use an unofficial version of the platform.

Is it possible to change WhatsApp colors?

Changing the WhatsApp interface with third-party apps is even possible, but the disadvantages of doing so are numerous, so it’s best not to risk it. It is always recommended that you avoid unofficial apps, download apps directly from official stores, and check if there are any reviews from other users that seem legitimate about an app.

A tip to identify if the comments are made by real users is that the reviews tend to be more detailed and bring negative points about the user experience. There are other ways to securely and reliably customize WhatsApp within the app itself: you can try putting a background you really like or customizing the keyboard color, for example.

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