Cinephile thing: main premieres of July on streaming

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The month of July has just started and we are all looking forward to knowing what new streams will bring, whether movies or series. And of course there’s a lot of cool stuff, with own productions or movie releases that are already being made available. That’s why Coisa de Cinéfilo brings you the highlights so you can stay tuned and don’t miss any news this month! Check out:

Prime Video

The film that features Kristen Stewart as the protagonist tells a part of the story of Princess Diana in a very troubled period and near the end of her life, with the royal family. It earned Kristen her first Oscar nomination for Best Actress.

One of the most anticipated films for the Oscar season and which ended up having only a measly nomination for Best Costume and Makeup. Still, it’s worth checking out for the interesting story of the murder that happened in the family that bears the brand’s name and for the formidable performance of Lady Gaga.

  • The Boys – Season 3 – 7/8

Final episode of this season of The Boys, which has proved to be far superior to the previous one. It’s a series that has superheroes at the center of the plot, but in a very different way. With many moral dilemmas and completely questionable conduct. Great quality of script and acting.


This highly questionable movie finally hits the streams and our only recommendation is for those with morbid curiosity (pardon the infamous pun), as it’s a really bad feature. Not even Jared Leto, famous for his great performances, can save himself.

  • Uncharted: Off the Map – 8/7

With Tom Holland as the protagonist, this action movie is based on a successful video game series and tells the story of a young explorer and his adventure with the first treasure hunt.

  • Spider-Man: No Return Home – 7/22

Still with Tom Holland, we have here one of the most popular films of the end of 2021, which brought all the versions of Spider-Men we know, as well as various villains. It’s an excellent episode of the Marvel universe and, perhaps, one of the best superhero movies of recent times.


  • Stranger Things – Season 4 – Volume 2 – 7/1

The series that took a long time to launch a new season is reaching its final part with two episodes of more than 1h30 that are already available now at the beginning of the month. A great service to fans who are waiting for an outcome of some stories that are unfolding.

Long based on another story by author Jane Austen (Pride and Prejudice) that talks about love, doubts, reconnection with old passions and family dramas. Everything fans of the dramatic romance genre love most. It has Dakota Johnson (50 Shades of Grey) as the protagonist.

A highly anticipated film by the Russo brothers, which features Ryan Gosling, Chris Evans and Ana de Arnas in the main cast. The plot focuses on stories and plots from within the CIA, which even involve presidents.

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